Weleda Citrus Creamy Body Wash

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Weleda Citrus Creamy Body Wash is a gentle body wash that cleans skin and helps protect it from moisture loss. The creamy body wash is formulated with moisturising natural ingredients including fermented coconut, sugar, sesame seed oil and almond oil, while refreshing essential lemon oil adds a fresh and clean scent. The body wash is free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants and mineral oils.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, preservatives and dyes, 100% natural ingredients, 78% of ingredients used are Certified Organic, member of the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT), sustainable and recyclable packaging.


Weleda Citrus Creamy Body Wash


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Shower time is my slice of Me Time and I love to use a wonderfully scented body wash to add a little indulgence to the experience.  Sadly many wonderfully scented body washes are also very drying on the skin and not so great for those of us with sensitive skin.  Thankfully Weleda has got us sensitive skin beauties covered.  The Citrus Creamy Body Wash promises to invigorate and enliven and all with a product that is certified natural, is vegetable based and contains lemon peel oil to give us that wonderful zesty citrus scent which I love.  Citrus to me is a very clean and crisp scent and one I tend to gravitate towards.  I found that this body wash lathers well, but without those huge bubble bath type bubbles.  Instead it's a gentle lather that feels very hydrating and doesn't leave your skin screaming out for body lotion after the shower. This is a great every day body wash that will leave your skin clean, soft and hydrated.
This is a super creamy body wash that smells divine, I absolutely adore it. This wash is all natural and super gentle so is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Its redally nourishing and hydrating and feels amazing on skin. The creamy wash lathers nicely and cleans skin really well, I love to have a bottle in the shower, its packaged nicely and leaves no mess. After using this my skin feels so clean, fresh and hydrated and it smells so delicious, sweet, lemony and like coconut, really summery and pretty and the scent lingers. I love the addition of sesame. almond and lemon oil for nourishment. This wash adds a zesty zing to my morning shower, its invigorating and really high quality. I love this product and would buy it again.
I adore a natural product when i can get it....no nasties,no unnatural "what is THAT" ? ingredients and a feeling of being at one with nature and your body,BUT it is not always possible to get something like that that actually works and feels /smells OK.Weleda is a brand that does natural well, and they work. Weleda Citrus Creamy Body Wash is a beautifully fresh,awakening bodywash that has a fresh, zesty scent of Lemon Peel Oil and other essential oils,that provide a refreshing start to your day,whilst still nourishing your skin as it cleanses.The lemon scent is enough to "jolt" you awake in the AM,without being overwhelmed by it all....a nice change from others that are screaming "WAKE UP" when what you really want is a "good morning...welcome to the day".This foams up beautifully with a puff,so a small amount will do you,and the scent lasts for a good few hours after use (it plays well with other citrus based scents,but also is a nice juxtaposition to anything floral),and is totally unisex (hubby loves it every bit as much as i do).But how does your skin feel after use ? Well,thanks to the addition of  moisturising natural ingredients including fermented coconut, sugar, sesame seed oil and almond oil,it feels like a softness has touched your skin,and the creamy consistency of this bodywash only adds to the luxe feel (it really does feel a bit "spa-ish" to be honest,and it is something i look forward to using (and so does hubby.It's hard finding a wash that the whole family can agree on but this one has everyone happy,and actually READY to get cleansing).The only drawback i can say is that,at 200ml,this doesn't last as long as if it were in a,say 300ml+ pump bottle,and at nearly $20,it is a tad exxy if you have a whole family getting in on it....otherwise,this is beautiful to use all year long...and is uplifting through a cold winter. TIP:Use this as an adjunct to your citrus fragrance to layer it a little and add a subtle "twist" to the overall body of it.