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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Baby Doll Kiss & Blush

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Baby Doll Kiss & Blush is a two-in-one lip and cheek colour. The mousse-like formula highlights lips and cheeks with a pop of colour and a soft matte finish.

Available in 12 shades.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Baby Doll Kiss & Blush


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I wanted to love this product and I can say that I like it.  The consistency is nice but it's no good for lips - hardly lasts at all.  Compared to other liquid blushes the packaging is lovely but it just has no staying power.  Personally I find that Benefit's cheek tints, while more difficult to apply have much longer staying power.  This blush looks awesome when first applied but by mid morning I'm wearing no blusher at all.
I absolutely adore this product. To have a two in one cheek and lip product is so handy. I bought shade no 10 which I love. The consistency of the product is mousse like and on the lips it dries to a nice matte finish which is super hydrating. The brush applicator gives a precise line and the pigment is high quality and lasted really well and did not smudge. For cheeks I use about 3 dabs then just blend with fingers for a nice healthy natural looking glow. I love the packaging, the little bottle looks a bit like a nail polish bottle and I love that I can see the colour of the product through the clear glass bottle. The luxe gold lid is classy as yves saint kaurent is and I think with a dual use it’s absolutely great value for money. I love, love this product and highly recommend it.
I love this product which I bought on a whim in shade No 6. It lives in my handbag because it is such a versatile product that gives a great result on both the lips and the cheek. The packaging, like so much YSL, is great. The colour is easily viewed through the clear bottle and the gold lid gives a glamorous touch. The genius is the applicator. The texture of the product is moussey and the doe foot is shaped to enable a precise lip line, it also has a reservoir that holds the product. On the lips it dries to a matte texture that is long lasting but comfortable. It is not transfer proof and does need touching up after meals or several hours. It wears in a ok fashion and does not dry the lips. On the cheeks I just place 3 dots, either on the apple of my cheeks or in an ascending line up my cheekbone, and blend in with either a duo fibre brush or fingers. This product has surprised me to become one of the work horses of my makeup. The shade No 6 is my lips but better on the lips and on the cheeks a fresh flush close to my natural colour, but placed better. I recommend it to everyone. Well worth the splurge.
I love many lip products from YSL but this one has to be my absolute FAVOURITE. To me the packaging looks like a nail polish which is kinda and I love how the bottle is transparent so you can see the colour inside. The applicator of this products is very unique (now saying that I think YSl lip products usually have very distinctive applicators e.g; the lip oil). I found that the round part really helps to control how much you product you put on your lips and the tip makes it easier to achieve a sharp define lip line so i guess it's a plus for an applicator.  On to the formula, it's very moussy and light weight. The colours blends out beautifully on the lips gives a soft matte finish. Because of the mousse like texture I found that it helps blur out the lip lines and make they look plumper. It doesn't dry out my lips even when I wear it for 6-7 hours. The things I love the most is you can also use it on your cheeks. Just dot around 3 small dots and use your finger to blend out, the colour blends out like water colour and kinda transparent but still add a pop of colour. I have 2 shaded number 4 which is an orangey tangerine shade (i love using this on my cheeks during the summer time, it gives me a very fresh and youthful look) and number 10 which is a dusty dried rose shade (it is my perfect MLBB shade, look gorgeous on the lips especially during the winter time). The only down side is the price is a little bit high, but consider how it can be used on both lips and cheeks I can kind of justify that price. Pros:  -light weight -very comfortable on the lips -non drying  -can use on both lips and cheeks -good lasting power -many shades to choose  Cons: -Expensive I just love this product and keep reaching for it. I think if you like matte lip products but hate the drying feeling they give, you should try this product out because the formula is just so on point, definitely worth every penny.
FINALLY!! my perfect lip shade. I have been searchign far and wide for the ultimate matching nude lip shade, which by the way is hard for a tanned girl. However, I bought the no.10 and now I'm in love. I love that I can use the Kiss & Blush as a cheek tint/blusher for moments when I want to look natural and professional. Not only does it last all day on my face and lips, it feels like velvet on my skin. The YSL Kiss & Blush is now staple cosmetic item for the rest of my life. #YSL4eva
I absolutely am obsessed with this product ! It's my go to lip product at all times ! i don't normally use it for my cheeks though, but for lips it's the perfect product ! The texture do not dry out your lips nor make it crack or dehydrated so that's a thumbs up from me ! The color is so vibrant and attracts attention because that's what i want ! The color itself reflects me act a person and my personality, being bold, girly and confident ! This product comes in a variety of shades, from nude to pink to brown. Grab yours and try it today ! <3
Recently tried out this reasonably-new offering from YSL because the concept behind it intrigued me- and also because a lot of lip to cheek products I tried in the past haven't really impressed me...I find the formula usually works best for either the lips or as a blush and not so well for the other. However, I was pleasantly suprised by this hybrid and found that it worked both beautifully as a stain on my lips and a subtle blush on my cheeks. However, I most point out it's important to choose a shade that suits you of you wear it as a lip colour but also suits your skin time when worn on the cheeks. There is 21 shades to choose from, and I have shade 03 (a lovely pink which I would recommend if you have a medium skin tone like me and like mauve-pinkish shades on your lips. I like this product for many reasons, the first being it's lightweight and pigmented formula. It is pigmented enough to wear as a lip colour (it also leaves a lovely stain behind once it's slightly worn off). I also find that as a lip colour it stays on for quite a long time, around 3 hours which is fairly decent for this kind of product. It's also a perfect everyday kind of product an because it's so compact and light it's very easy to chuck in your handbag and reapply if necessary throughout the day.  The formula of this product is also perfect as a cheek stain but I would only recommend it to you if you like quite a subtle and natural blush (although does depend which colour you select). I also find that you only need a small amount of product as it is rather pigmented but it melts nicely into the skin leaving a soft very slightly dewy flush to the cheeks. Lastly, I love that it's not sticky or tacky so that once you apply it on your cheeks or lips it dries down-and also not to mention the classic beautiful packaging of YSL. Definitely a 5 star product for me! 
This is my favourite lip product form YSL! I haven't used it as a blush as I'm not a cream blush kinda gal. But as a lip product this is fab! Its a mousey texture, slightly mattifying but really comfortable on the lips. It lasts quite well when you eat and drink but definitely requires touch ups.