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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Babydoll

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Babydoll is a mascara for creating volumised and separated lashes. The lifting and separating formula creates long-lasting volume and delivers an intense colour that is evenly dispersed with no flakes, clumps, or smudges for up to 24 hours. The brush has duo-length bristles that adapt to all lash types, separating, coating, and multiplying lashes for defined volume.

Available in three shades.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Babydoll


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The YSL babydoll mascara is the rolls Royce of mascaras. Packaged beautifully in luxe gold it even looks a million dollars. This mascara has amazing pigment, it’s so silky and applied with ease. The product feels nice and light to wear and makes my lashes look super long and thick. The design of the brush is amazing, it lengthens and separates lashes while curling making lashes appear lush and beautiful. It lasts all day without wearing off and does not smudge, clump or flake. I adore this mascara and highly recommend it.
Out of all the mascaras I've used over the years, this is quite possibly my favourite! I find with most mascaras, even high end ones, that they tend to be too flakey and clump up my lashes, but the YSL Babydoll mascara gives amazing volume and length without the clumps! The 24 hour wear means that there's no smudging or need to touch up your makeup!
This mascara is honestly incredible! My holy grail high-end mascara! The packaging firstly is to die for but the real winner here is the formula! If you are a fan of more dryer mascara formulas you will love this! It gives you amazing length as well as volume, and really gives your eyes the baby doll effect, hence the name! It also lasts all day and night on your lashes and is easy to remove when you wash your face at night! I would recommend this to anyone!
YSL, in my opinion, makes the BEST mascaras - hands down!! For years, since I've discovered makeup, I've been in search for that perfect, easy to apply, smudge free, fuss free, easy to remove, panda eyes free mascara with everything in between and YSL mascara's fits the bill!! The Baby Doll was one of the first mascara's from YSL that I've ever tried and could not believe it took me years to finally try it (I think the price was a massive factor). But they sure work like magic! Not only do they come in a gorgeous gold packaging but they also smell nice and apply so easily. One stroke and it does the job! The wand itself is where all the magic starts. I was amazed at how quickly it curled, lengthened and volumised my lashes on the very first stroke! I have very short eyelashes so anything that does that is in my good books. And the wand head is also the perfect size - it's not too big and applying multiple coats doesn't clump, look spidery or get flaky! I also love the formula - on the get go, it's not runny and it doesn't dry out quickly. It pretty much stays the same consistency throughout. This is perfect for every day use when you are in a hurry and want a quick and fuss free application without having to work on the lashes. It's an absolute heaven to use! The only negative I found is that there's not enough in the bottle. You only get 5ml (which is a sample size usually) for $57 in comparison to some which carry 12ml. So you don't get a lot for your money and it's very deceiving! Other than that, every woman should have this or one of the other YSL mascara's in their makeup bags!