Ricki-Lee Coulter’s secret weapon for super voluminous hair

Ricki-Lee Coulter's trick for voluminous hair

It’s worth noting this one down

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 30 2018

Adding extra oomph to your texture or going all out with a big bouncy blow-dry can be a tad tricky to get right if you’re not naturally blessed with luscious locks. And more often than not, you can use a bazillion different volumising products and still end up with limp, lifeless-looking hair.

The volume game ain’t no easy feat.

But we’re here with some good news, so don’t lose hope just yet. Our beauty-loving pal Ricki-Lee Coulter has given us a heads up about the one hair product that actually works wonders on the volume front (she has video proof!). And who better to thieve tips from? The girl is absolute #hairgoals.

In her Instagram Stories, Ricki-Lee shared a snap of the Monaco Beach Resort Styling Kit by Natalie Anne, along with the caption: “OMG I just washed my hair and put a few pumps of this in before blow drying and my hair is fierce!”

But just how fierce? We hear you ask. 

We can confirm: Pretty dang fierce.

Her hair looks full, thick and happy – and the process actually sounds super easy. A few pumps of product, your standard blow-dry, and voila!

Perfect for that easy wash-and-wear vibe, it offers two different types of product in one – a blowout cream (containing proteins and UV protectors) and a texture spray to amp up texture and body.

Seems like a pretty sweet deal to us.

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What do you do to boost volume in your hair? Have you ever tried the Monaco Beach Resort Styling Kit? Let us know in the comment section below.

Main image credit: @therickilee

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