Kate Hudson’s bizarre under-eye treatment

It looks like something out of a sci-fi flick

Another day, another celebrity sharing their weird and whacky beauty routines on social media. (Please don’t ever stop, Hollywood starlets. We love it.) 

Victoria Beckham recently revealed the secret behind her fresh, luminous-looking skin on Instagram (it involves foil and a luxurious Parisian bed, of course), and we all remember Kim Kardashian’s somewhat gruesome vampire facial, don’t we?

Well, today it’s Kate Hudson who’s providing us with insider access to her beauty regimen on Snapchat, and her skin care mask is definitely nothing like your regular sheet mask. It’s, erm, a little more technical than that…

Goodness. Is that contraption from a sci-fi movie? This somewhat intimidating under-eye treatment doesn’t look anything like the cooling gel eye mask stickers we’re used to.

Kate knew we’d be a little taken aback by her Snap, saying: “I know what you’re thinking. What am I doing right now?”

The bizarre beauty gadget consists of two pulsating patches connected to wires with a beeper at the end, which no doubt gets the blood moving and wakes up sluggish skin cells for a fresher-looking eye area.

“The issue with this is that it is actually tingling and kind of hurting my eyes,” Kate said. “But to me it means it’s working.”

You’re not exactly selling it to us, Kate.

“I’m in so much pain,” she adds while laughing. “This actually hurts.”

Results aside, we think we’ll leave this bizarre skin care contraption to the celebrities of this world. Who’s with us?

Main image: Getty
Inset images: Snapchat