The viral TikTok beauty hack that makes your foundation look filtered IRL

The Viral TikTok Beauty Hack That Will Have Your Foundation Looking Filtered IRL

It will change how you do your foundation forever

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / March 04 2020

A foundation application hack has gone completely viral on gen Z social media platform TikTok with users claiming it gives their skin the skin a 'filtered' appearance - in real life!

Instead of applying foundation and powder in the conventional order, the technique instead involves applying powder before foundation.

“Change your whole routine and try this instead… [You’ll] see how amazing your makeup looks. It [will] stay on 24/7 and it’s not going to crease.” says the TikTokker who is thought to have sent the trend viral, @ridaaaamat.

“Moisturise first then after moisturising take some translucent powder (I usually use the [Maybelline New York] Fit Me one) and I just lightly dab it all over my face – not too much.”

Once you’ve applied the powder, @ridaaaamat recommends spritzing on a coat of setting spray before applying primer and foundation.

“It’s a technique that’s probably used by so many other people. I heard it’s been used for a long time but I only just found out about it,” says @ridaaaamat before exclaiming: “Honestly – look! I don’t have a beauty filter on!” while gesturing to her skin.

And, considering how incredible her skin looks, we’d be willing to give it a try!

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Main image credit: @patrickta

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