This boujee foundation is going viral on TikTok

But is it worth the $135 price tag?

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / October 29 2021

TikTok is home to a wealth of beauty advice, some good hacks (like this one-step messy bun TikTok hack) and some not-so-great misinformation (such as the banana peel facial). 

But one voice in the beauty space that we keep coming back to for her great tips (but also for her incredible Bostonian accent) is Mikayla Nogueira

You might remember Nogueira for her genius and surprisingly easy four-step acne-curing routine, and now she’s brought us another great product recommendation that she’s so impressed by she’s planning on using it on her wedding day.

The product in question? Tom Ford Traceless Soft Matte Foundation ($135 at Myer).

Tom Ford Traceless Soft Matte Foundation

Why is the TikToker and makeup artist so obsessed with this boujee foundation you may be asking yourself? 

Funnily enough, Noguiera was skeptical herself when she read a comment online lauding the pricey pick, “did I spend US$89 on a foundation because a comment told me to? YUP!”, but she bought it anyway to give her honest review for fans: “if this foundation’s not worth splurging US$89, I’m going to let you know,” she explained.

Hilariously, Noguiera admitted she didn't “know anything about Tom Ford Makeup – I’ve never tried it.”

“Honestly, the only reason I know about Tom Ford is because of Jay-Z,” the TikToker admitted before she prepped her skin for the foundation. 

On first impression, Noguiera said the Tom Ford packaging reminds her of bareMinerals

Original Liquid Mineral Foundation SPF 20 ($50 at MECCA): “It’s the exact same f*cking thing, same plastic component.” 

“On Sephora this does have 4.4 stars, [with a] 90 per cent recommendation rating,” explained Noguiera in the video before she applied the foundation in shade one.

“It’s very thin, very lightweight – good sign,” the makeup artist commented as she patted the foundation into her skin with a Beauty Blender.

After blending the product on one side of her face, Noguiera stopped to check the finish, admitting, “that [it] looks very pretty” on the skin. 

“[It’s] soft-matte yet doesn’t remove radiance, it covered all my redness [and] beautifully masks texture.”

The TikToker proceeded to complete her full face of makeup off camera before revealing to her audience that she’s just “100 per cent found her wedding foundation.”

Noguiera even inspired fellow TikToker @maddiebwells to splurge on the exxy offering, which miraculously held up through her root canal:

As far as reviews go, being selected as the base for bridal makeup and lasting through a serious dental operation is some pretty high praise. We’re almost tempted to try the stuff for ourselves – ‘scuse us while we set up a GoFundMe... 

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Main image credit: @mikaylajmakeup

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