The most viral Aussie beauty TikTokers of 2020

We’re obsessed

BEAUTYcrew Junior Beauty Writer / December 03 2020

TikTok is officially our 24/7 obsession. The trendy platform is home to a variety of bite-sized clips that have our tiny hamster brain constantly entertained, including a plethora of Australian produced quality beauty content.

TikTok has just released a list of their top 10 Australian beauty and fashion content producers aptly categorised as ‘TikTok glow-ups.’ From makeup gurus to hair tutorials to epic challenges and even tips on how to hide a double chin, Aussies have been giving us a wide range of tasty TikToks to feast on this year.

These are the Aussie fashion and beauty creators who went viral in 2020:











TikTok houses a bank of beauty knowledge thanks to informative creators like these 4 excellent dermatologists.

Main image credit: @anyang_deng

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