Beauty tricks you need to know to get TV-ready

If it’s good enough for The Voice judges, it’s good enough for us

Beauty Editor Beauty Editor / January 19 2017

Seeing a show on TV is one thing, but watching the TV production live in action is definitely another. A recent visit to the set of The Voice Australia confirmed this: it’s certainly not a quick and easy job getting the host and judges looking their best for the camera. Over the course of five hours, I watched in awe as an army of makeup artists and hair stylists rushed on stage during the ad breaks (there were at least ten), to tend to Sonia Kruger, Delta Goodrem, The Madden Brothers, Jessie J, and Ronan Keating. Here are five things I learnt that are essential when you’re getting your makeup TV ready…


Pat it on

After hours of sitting under hot bright lights, it’s inevitable that shine will appear. To combat this, makeup artists used pressed translucent powder (it’s the mess-free alternative to loose translucent powder) with a fluffy brush, patted onto the T-zone.


Draw the line

Jessie J’s iconic bold eye looks were even more exaggerated in real life than on TV, and surprisingly, I spotted Jessie J fixing her own black liner with expert precision (the stage helpers simply brought her kit to her chair on stage, along with a medium-sized mirror). Kudos to her!


Keep it clean

As we all know, even the most long-wearing makeup formulas can move on the eyelid, so makeup artists touched up any eye makeup smears with a few drops of micellar water on a cotton bud. Something like NIVEA’s Daily Essentials Sensitive Caring Micellar Water can be used on the face without irritating skin and is a great solution especially for hard to reach places like the inner corner of the eye.


Cover it up

You can really see every detail when you’re on TV, so for a flawless finish all the judges (yes, even Ronan, Joel and Benji) had a long-wearing concealer touched-up on trouble spots, pigmentation and areas with redness.


Add more lift

Delta is known for her long, curled hair, and it was even more tousled up-close than what we see on our TV screens. At every ad break, two hair stylists swarmed on stage and tended to her tresses; one used a tail comb to lift certain sections of Delta’s hair up, forward or back, and another used a texturising spray to lock it all in place.

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