The skin-plumping beauty tool Victoria’s Secret Angels swear by

The Gua Sha Tool Victoria’s Secret Angels Swear By - Martha Hunt

If they’re into it, so are we

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / May 23 2019

Two Victoria’s Secret Angels using the exact same beauty product and singing its praises in the space of one week can’t be a coincidence, can it? For us, it’s all the proof that we need it in our beauty routines, STAT.

While casually scrolling through our Instagram, we came across an IGTV video of Martha Hunt talking through her nighttime skin care routine, and another one of Karlie Kloss sharing a rundown on how she gets ready for a red carpet event.

And what did these two videos have in common? Both girls used the same gua sha tool and RAVED about its ability to de-puff skin and help serums penetrate skin more deeply.

If you’re wondering what the heck a gua sha tool is and how a stone could possibly have any kind of beauty benefit, we hear you. Albeit pretty, it certainly doesn’t look like much. But having been used for centuries of Chinese medicine, history tends to disagree. Gua sha is a flat stone tool that is usually made from crystal (the Georgia Louise one is made from rose quartz, which is thought to detox skin and help plump and soften fine lines and wrinkles). They’re used to firmly scrap skin to encourage blood flow and massage facial muscles. And based on Karlie and Martha’s skin, they work a treat.

Here’s how Karlie Kloss uses a gua sha tool in her routine [watch the IGTV video below]:

After applying a sheet mask (Karlie is “a sucker” for a sheet mask), she uses the butterfly-shaped gua sha tool to massage the excess serum into her skin.

“I love to take the extra serum, either in the packet or that’s still on your face, and I love to use something like this [the Georgia Louise Gua Sha Tool]. It’s this amazing tool to really massage and depuff my face.”

As for VS Angel Martha Hunt, she loves to use hers before bed, or after a flight [watch the IGTV video below]:

“[I use this] crystal that this amazing skin care facialist out of the UK, Georgia Louise, gave me, and this is great because it really helps contour your face, and it also makes whatever product you put on your face penetrate even more.”

“Sometimes my face feels extra-puffy after flights,” adds Martha. “It’s also good for lymphatic drainage for your sinuses.”

How to use a gua sha tool

For Karlie, she aligned the v-shape in-between the top two butterfly wings with her cheekbone, and massaged from the apples of her cheeks out to her hairline.

Martha used the same section of the gua sha tool to massage along her jawline from her chin out towards the edge of her jaw, as well as along her cheekbone contour. She then flipped the butterfly tool to use the rounded edges of the bottom wings to massage her forehead. 

In an interview with Allure, the gua sha tool’s creator and aesthetician Georgia Louise shared a couple of additional pointers for using her crystal tool: 

Tip #1 / "Put them in the freezer and they're so cold [that] it's like a cryo-massage on the skin. That's tip no. 1."

Tip #2 / "Apply your moisturiser [then] spend a minimum of three minutes massaging your skin."

Tip #3 / "Start on your forehead, then work over the brow and go into the eye area because the drains are right here. Then you [continue to] go down [the rest of your face]."

With results like lymphatic drainage and de-puffing, brightening, stimulating blood flow and collagen production, and a ‘natural facelift’ effect for the sake of a few minutes of massaging, consider us sold!

If you want to know the difference between a jade roller and gua sha tool, check out our guide on crystal facial tools.

Have you used a gua sha tool before? Would you recommend one? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Main image credit: @marthahunt

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