The top 10 biggest YouTube beauty trends Aussie’s keep searching

It’s all about eyeliner down under

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / June 09 2021

When it comes to learning a new beauty hack or nailing a makeup trend, there’s no platform quite like YouTube for deep-diving through hours upon hours of tutorials.

Perfect for the visual learners among us, it’s no surprise that Australian’s are still flocking to YouTube in droves to school themselves on all things beauty.

In fact, RY recently released a trend report about the biggest YouTube trends in Australia and from the evidence gathered, we think it’s fair to say Aussies love eyeliner and they’re not afraid to get creative with colour either; searches for rainbow, ‘80s and Bratz doll tutorials all ranked among the top 10.

Without further ado – here are the YouTube trends Aussies can’t get enough of.

Winged eyeliner tutorial - 1,800 annual searches

Nothing beats a classic winged eyeliner look, so it’s no surprise that Aussies are still searching for tutorials on how to perfect theirs. This is one trend that we don’t expect to see going anywhere anytime soon.

Cut crease tutorial - 1,800 annual searches

The cut crease is one of those eye makeup tricks that seems easy, until you actually attempt to carve out your eyelids yourself. Grab your favourite eye palette and concealer because we’re finally taking the time to get this thing down. Challenge accepted.

Messy bun tutorial - 1,200 annual searches

Being a casual queen is a full-time job, which means that even on our days off when we can’t be bothered to whip out the hair tools, we don’t want our hair looking like a bird’s nest. The solution? The perfect messy bun.

‘80s makeup tutorial - 1,080 annual searches

The ‘80s are back baby, which means ample amounts of temple-grazing blush and electric eye shadow colours. More is more here  – minimalists be gone.

Mascara tutorial - 960 annual searches

It may seem like the simplest thing in the world but applying mascara can quickly go awry. We’re talking unsightly black smudges all over your lids in a matter of seconds without precise application and proper technique.

Box braids tutorial - 720 annual searches

Honestly, we’re barely able to twist together a simple plait let alone a box braid. Thank you Internet for teaching us this weirdly difficult skill despite our lack of nimble fingers.

Rainbow eyeshadow tutorial - 480 annual searches

Regardless of whether you’re attending a pride-related event, rainbow eyeshadow is a pretty addition to any makeup look. Amp up the drama and get creative with your eyeshadow palettes, kids.

Bratz doll makeup tutorial - 360 annual searches

There’s an entire generation of millennials really out here trying to look like their childhood Bratz dolls… and yes, we are those millennials. Catch us looking like a live action version of Yasmin after sussing out a few tutorials.

Gel eyeliner tutorial - 360 annual searches

We don’t know what it is about gel eyeliner but the long-wearing way to line eyes is a tried and true method for creating wow-worthy eye looks for a reason. Watch and learn.

Cat eyeliner - 360 annual searches

A classic eye look to be sure, try mixing up your cat eye with the new reversed flip version of the trend that’s been oh-so-popular in 2021.

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Main image credit: @sammmyrobinson

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