5 ways to boost your energy

Because waking up tired just isn’t an option

marie claire Wellness Editor / February 08 2017

Whether it’s waking up tired or struggling to get past that dreaded afternoon slump, nobody has time to be run-down. Here, five wellbeing experts narrow down the best ways to up your energy levels ASAP. 


Schedule tasks

In her new book, Exhausted to Energised, Dr Libby Weaver gives the breakdown from science through to action on how to nail fatigue. “The chapter I’ve had the biggest response to is: ‘My brain has too many tabs open,’” says Dr Weaver. “Our mental health can play a massive role in our mental energy. All the uncompleted tasks, all those random things zooming about our heads – I encourage people instead of having a to-do list to schedule the time in their diary to get those things done. I interviewed a lot of people who do a lot in their lives, and the big thing that came out of those interviews is that they schedule their time. Your brain instantly rests in the knowledge that it is going to be done. People rest in the knowledge that it is going to be done. People resist it because they think all the creativity and spontaneity goes out of their lives, but it is the opposite.”


Help your digestion

Anthia Koullouros is a naturopath, herbalist, author and founder of Ovvio, an organic tea range with a store in Sydney. Koullouros has found in her work as a practitioner that low energy stems from the state of our gut health. “If we have an imbalance of good to bad bugs, we have difficulty synthesising vitamins, minerals and amino acids that give us energy and make us feel good,” she says. “Taking enzymes that really encourage digestion, before meals or with meals, is important so we can extract the nutrients.”



An extra push to your energy is just a fingertip away. Emma Quine, acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, suggests using acupressure to quickly lift your day. “In traditional Chinese medicine, the body has 12 meridians [energy pathways], with more than 600 acupuncture points on these meridians. Zusanli is one of the 11 ‘Heavenly’ acupuncture points, and translates as the ‘three extra miles’, giving you that extra energy boost when you need it. To find it, measure four finger widths from the base of your kneecap, along the outer edge of you shinbone. You’ll feel a small indent there- apply firm pressure with a fingertip onto the depression and hold for at least 10 seconds.”


Snack right

Sarah Wilson has encouraged thousands of people to help their bodies maintain consistent energy through her I Quit Sugar program. “When I’m looking for an instant energy boost, I often have a tablespoon of coconut oil with a little raw cacao powder. Coconut oil satiates and keeps you going for longer,” explains Wilson. “When we eat sugar we are feeding our energy fire with little sticks, so have to continuously feed it. But when we turn to protein and fat-based snacks, like coconut oil, it’s like throwing a big solid log on the fire.”


Take supplements

Naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist Kirsten Shanks from Orchard Street suggests supplementing with B vitamins and magnesium. “Vitamin B’s play an essential role in energy production, assisting in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy and providing crucial support for nervous system function; and magnesium is central to the health of our nervous system,” says Shanks. Magnesium has also been shown to aid in muscle recovery and restful sleep.

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