Abbie Chatfield talks gua shas, masturbation and what gives her ‘the ick’

Because self-pleasure is self-care

May 10 2021

These days it’s hard to remember that Abbie Chatfield got her break on The Bachelor. Since then, the now podcast host, reigning queen of the I’m A Celebrity jungle and Vush ambassador (with her own vibrator no less) has become one of our favourite Australians to follow on Instagram.

Whether she’s talking about her favourite beauty buys, clapping back at body-shaming comments or giving care tips for her curls, we’re all ears any time she has advice to give. 

And that’s another thing we love about her – she’s a sharer. 

BEAUTYcrew recently caught up with Chatfield herself to see what’s new in her skin care and self-care routine, and let’s just say, she was as refreshingly honest as always.

Abbie Chatfield’s skin care routine

It’s no secret Chatfield’s profile means she gets sent a lot of beauty freebies. But one thing she’s learnt recently is that less is more when it comes to skin care.

“I think it's just best to stick to what I know is working and don't rock the boat too much,” she says. 

Currently an ambassador for RAWKANVAS skin care, she names some of her favourite products as the Purified Purifying Cleanser and Harmony Radiance Boosting Toner.

In the lead up to a big event, she’ll begin her skin care prep with these two, followed by a gua sha facial massage (“obsessed with the gua sha!”), and a hyaluronic acid (naming the esmi one as a fave) before finishing with the RAWKANVAS The Limelight Brightening Probiotic Lotion and of course, sunscreen.

As for when a dreaded pimple pops up – “I’ll use very little TBH; acne cream, drink lots of water and then pray.”

She’s also just started using the new RAWKANVAS Lustre Renewing Bakuchiol & Champagne Décolletage Lotion, saying that although she’s only 26, prevention is a big part of her commitment to a good skin care routine.

RAWKANVAS Purified Purifying Cleanser, $40

Samson & Charlie Rose Quartz Gua Sha, $29.95

esmi Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum, $65

Abbie Chatfield’s tips for owning your self-pleasure

When asked why she thinks there’s still such a stigma around self-pleasure for women, Chatfield didn’t skip a beat in blaming it on the patriarchy. “Men are scared that if women enjoy sexual pleasure then they will have more power in their lives and maybe not be as dependent on men.”

“Also liberated women are ‘scary’ women to men who are small men. It’s also just the preconceived idea that sex is dirty and it’s not.”

Her tips for women wanting to own their orgasm? “Just do it. It’s not for anyone else. It should just be a part of your self-care routine and part of taking care of yourself, really.”

“Find what you like and just do it and stick with it. Keep persevering.”

After a discreet but damn good vibrator? Try My ilo Ring. Or, of course, there’s also the Vush x Abbie G-Spot Vibrator (once it’s back in stock!).

Lastly, if Chatfield could change anything about the sex-ed curriculum in schools, some may be surprised she didn’t mention female pleasure. Her solid answer? Consent. “There’s a lot, but mainly consent. I don’t even think I’d heard that word ‘til I’d left high school so it would be the main thing.”


Abbie Chatfield’s tips for self-care

We all have our down days and often the subject of online trolling, Chatfield is no exception. So what does she do when things go to sh*t? “Gua sha and masturbate,” she tells us.

Or failing that, “I put on the self-care podcast that Casey Donovan hosts and just close my eyes and listen to some really nice voices in a kind of meditative state.”

And whenever her self-confidence takes a hit, she says she’ll “probably just dance to distract myself and the dancing will also make me feel better because of endorphins. And that’s it, just literally have a dance party in my house because it’s the only thing I know to do.”

“Well, that or masturbate.”

Chatfield also tells us that she’s seeing someone, and when asked what gives her ‘the ick’ when dating, she has two deal-breakers: mansplaining and singlets.

“And when I say ‘stop mansplaining to me’ and they say ‘well, would you say that if I was a girl?’, no babe, that’s why it’s mansplaining – that’s probably my biggest one. And singlets.”

Hear that Australia? Lesson be learned, don’t show up in a tank top if Chatfield ever blesses our screens as The Bachelorette.

Main image credit: @abbiechatfield

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