5 ageless makeup tricks Heidi Klum has mastered

The need-to-know tips to look like you never age

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

Supermodel and TV personality, Heidi Klum always manages to get it right. She dominates on the red carpet and has perfected her makeup techniques in such a way that it almost seems as if she is barely ageing. We wanted to know her secret so we asked makeup artist, Elsa Morgan to share her expertise on which techniques she thinks the model nails time and time again, and her tips for simple but clever makeup tricks we should all borrow from Heidi.




#1 / Keep your contour subtle

“[Heidi] contours carefully in a natural skin shade so it looks real. [She] simply amplifies her natural bone structure,” says Morgan. This technique keeps the contour from looking stage-like.

#2 / Add instant lift with nude shades

Morgan credits Heidi’s use of a light nude eye pencil along the lower inner rim of her eyes to adding an instant lift and brightening effect. This simple trick works on any age and can also help the whites of your eyes pop.

#3 / Master your highlight

Heidi often creates a glowing complexion with the help of a hydrating foundation – avoiding shimmer near any fine lines, as this can have an ageing effect. Morgan explains how she focuses luminosity on the inner corners of her eyes instead, and keeps it very subtle on the tops of her cheekbones and Cupid’s bow.

#4 / Brows are key

“She fills in and lengthens her brows for a full youthful shape, but in a light taupe shade that’s perfect for honey blondes,” Morgan says of Heidi. Morgan explains that this creates the effect of brows that are natural and relaxed, not thin and tortured to perfection.

#5 / Blush is crucial

Heidi’s blush of choice is often a warm peachy-pink, explains Morgan. “[It] mimics a healthy glow, but notice how there’s no shimmer, which can look ageing on older complexions. Blush is especially important to liven a lacklustre complexion, which is a common complaint of women approaching their 40s,” she says.

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