The hair cuts, colours and styles that are trending this autumn

We’ll take some cinnamon blended bangs, please

Digital Beauty Editor / July 14 2021

Keeping up with hair trends is no easy task – they change like, well, seasons. Fitting really, considering each new season brings with it an array of fresh cuts, colours and styles ready to be embraced.

We went straight to the pros – Anthony Nader (Owner of RAW Salon), Faith Williams (Founder and Director of BLONDEE), and Kirby Lago (Owner of Pelo by Lago Salon, Cronulla and Goldwell Colour Artist) – to find out exactly what was on the ‘must-try’ list.

Spoiler alert: the shades are as deliciously rich and warm as autumn’s changing leaves, and the no-nonsense styles will allow you to choose your bed over your blow-dryer (a blessing as the morning temperatures start to dip), so we’re three thousand per cent on board.

The colours



As the temperature gets cooler, your blonde should be gearing up to get warmer. “Butterscotch blonde sounds good enough to eat right? This creamy rich blonde has warmth to it and works a treat on skin tones that are warm also,” says Nader.

”The beauty about this colour is you can just sprinkle a few highlights around your face to give instant brightness to your face, so there’s no painstaking growing out process. It’s about adding more dimension rather than all-over colour application.”

“We are loving the contrast of Sofia Richie’s root-shadowed blonde,” echoes Lago. “Ask for a root shadow or root smudge to go with your multidimensional blonde to push back your salon trips.”



Why not put some autumnal pep in your blonde’s step with a drizzle of honey? “Autumn is the season where summer blondes need a new top coat of paint, so to speak. For the cooler blondes that have a platinum or icy base it’s time to warm up your complexion for the cooler months ahead,” says Nader.

“For a low-maintenance honey blonde hair colour, look no further than honey blonde balayage highlights. Not only is this a great way to extend time between touch-ups, it’s also flattering on nearly anyone since it allows you to keep your natural base colour,” Lago confirms.

Nader agrees: “What I love about this simple swap is you’re still a blonde but just toning it down for a few months and dare I say, giving your strands a well-deserved break from all the bleaching to zap up their energy. Ask your hairdresser for their professional opinion on what tone of blonde is going to work in harmony with your skin tone and you’re good to go.”



Keen to go something a little deeper than honey? Try toffee. “Toffee hair is a winning mix of light brunette and dark blonde. The multi-toned, rich colour is quickly making an impact, and can be an easy way to brighten up dull locks. Try adding a few golden pieces to your darker hair with ‘foilyage’,” shares Lago.

“The way these highlights hit right at the cheekbones brings warmth and brightness around the face,” she adds, noting Hailey Bieber as the perfect person to look to for shade-spo:  “Hailey’s recent colour change from blonde to bronde is the perfect inspo for autumn. Bronde allows for hair to be low maintenance while still adding dimension.

Williams is also a big bronde fan: “Bronde is a major vibe for autumn 2021 and I’m here for it! Ask your stylist to keep your natural dimension throughout your foils or add in warm honey caramel tones mixed with rich chocolates to give that added hint of warmth.”



Been itching to go red? Now’s the time. “Step into autumn 2021 with a bright auburn or copper colour,” suggests Lago. “This is a major trend but it’s not for the fainthearted! We are talking warm notes of chestnut and burnt sienna. A bold colour like this is perfect for brunettes wanting to fire up their look. Gigi Hadid recently showed off her new copper hair colour, a big change for the usual honey blonde.”

“The more intense and vibrant your colour application the better, so don’t shy off,” Nader adds. “Personally I wouldn’t be going half-hearted; paint every strand so your colour has 100 per cent impact.”

Williams is also a fan of copper, but confirms that adding a little extra gold to your god-given copper shade will also work a treat to spice things up if you’re a natural redhead: “Think Isla Fisher and her auburn hair mixed with honey foils,” she says.



Extra warmth is the key for anyone playing in the mid-level brunette game, too. One of Williams’ favourite shades for the season is one with “Kendall Jenner’s depth but toned with a honey gold gloss.”

Nader says the cinnamon hue is perfect for adding depth to your balayage for autumn as well. “For those of you that have balayage (dark roots and bleached or lighter mid lengths to ends), it’s time to make your bleached light strands a little subtler and more moody. Keep your natural brunette untouched but deposit a rich shade of cinnamon semi-permanent over the top. Now your hair will have high shine-factor from roots to ends and exude thickness, which is fab for strands on the finer side,” he says.



If it’s a deeper brunette you’re after, Lago recommends walnut; a shade of brown that’s deep, but still not super dark, making it ideal for easing into cooler weather. The head of hair inspiring her? Khloe Kardashian’s. “Kardashian has ditched her platinum blonde locks for a deeper walnut colour that is much closer to her natural shade,” she says, and we’re as bigger fans as she is; the rich, glossy brunette shade sure is chic.

Don’t think that a darker hue means you have to sacrifice dimension, though. “Subtle highlights scattered throughout will add even more depth and dimension to your style and be fully on trend for 2021.”

The cuts

'The Billie'


The pros are calling it: ‘The Billie’ is set to be the most requested chop of the season. “Billie Eilish’s Instagram account must have been on fire when she traded in her black and fluoro green for bottle blonde,” says Nader. “But as if that wasn’t enough, she also had her length lopped off, leaving it sitting on top of her shoulders and cutting in textured solid bangs to match.”

“This jagged edged length is going to be huge for autumn. In fact, I’ve already had models in my chair asking for ‘The Billie’. I love cutting in this new hair shape; it’s super cool and oozes confidence,” he says.

Lago couldn’t agree more:  “It’s all about texture and tousled hair this season. Layers will be making a major come back, giving the hair a more lived-in look. You will be seeing a lot more shape around the face, exposed cheekbones and more deliberate layering to add volume and movement again.”

The in-between bob


Looking to lose some length and switch things up but scared to make an extreme chop? Nader says an in-between length is ideal for an in-between season.

“For those of you that don’t want long hair, but don’t want to go for a jawline-grazing bob either, Julianne Hough’s lob is the perfect go-to. It’s a safe place to land if you want a change but don’t want to commit to drastic measures. This length is fresh and playful, but you can still tie it up and add in a wave.”

Blended bangs


It seems fall will be the season of face-framing styles across the board, but if you’re not sure Eilish’s retro fringe is your vibe, follow Addison Rae’s lead with some softer blended bangs instead. “Her overgrown soft bangs won me over when she had them cut in last month,” says Nader. “Those bangs and all those choppy layers are the perfect recipe for a cool-girl style.”

If you’re after the naturally voluminous vibe she’s rocking, though, keep your length around your shoulders so as to not drag the style down – lifeless and flat is not the brief. “It’s important if you have a long mane to ensure that you have an airiness and lightness so your hair can move. If you keep your strands on the longer side, your hairstyle won’t last the distance and you’ll be overdosing in styling products in between your zoom meetings.”

The looks

Accessories, accessories, accessories


Thought the sun was going down on hair accessories? Wrong – they’re still going strong. It’s just a matter of choosing the right ones. “Claw clips are here to stay and are the perfect accessory for a chic updo with minimal fuss,” says Lago. “They are also better for the hair, unlike hair bands which pull and stretch the hair. The claw clip is versatile and you can even colour coordinate it with your wardrobe.”

Nader isn’t opposed to adding an accessory to a down-do (or any style for that matter), either: “I’m a sucker for hair accessories and am not precious about highlighting a hairstyle with a statement,” he says, noting the runways are providing endless accessory inspo.

“Take a look at the latest Dior campaign for instance; models are wearing either extra wide headbands or head scarves wrapped around and knotted up. Also seen at Gucci are oversized patterned silk scarves and sweet and chic Medusa side clips at Versace.” Hey, who are we to disagree with the world’s chicest designers?




Natural texture


Can we get a slow clap for this one? Natural texture is in and our split ends couldn't’ be happier to hear it. “Straight hair is ready to be taken over by enhancing your natural waves/curls. It’s nice to see people really wearing and embracing their natural movement,” says Williams. “Scrunching in a leave-in curl-cream and texturising your fringe is a great seasonal trend that we're seeing a lot of. it's also a great look to go for if you're wanting to give your hair a little break from heat-styling tools.”

“Undone, tousled hair will be a vibe,” Kirby echoes. “Less is more when it comes to styling in 2021. It is going to be about embracing your natural hair and fewer styles that look like they've had any kind of heated tool applied. We’ll be embracing hair with much more personality and using tools to only slightly enhance the movement and shape of the hair for that sexy effortless lived-in look.”

Low-maintenance messy vibes


The ‘bless this mess’ mentality will carry through to styles, too – a blessing for anyone who knows the pain of trying to master a ‘perfect’ ponytail or bun. “You can’t go past a low-messy bun or ponytail. Easy-to-wear hair is making a huge comeback and simple styles like these are great options for any occasion,” says Williams. Works for us.

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