Ava Phillippe just got real about her beauty struggles

And the beauty advice her mum Reese Witherspoon passed down

Content Producer / May 10 2024

When it comes to the incredibly wise (well beyond her years) Ava Phillippe, we know a few things to be true. 1) she is quite literally the carbon copy of her mum (Reese Witherspoon, if you didn’t know) and 2) she’s not afraid to step out of the beauty ‘box’ per se and try new things. 

Philippe has been known to get creative with her hair colours; in fact when her Pat McGrath campaign launched, the emerging model had bright pink tresses. Of course with the world of beauty at her fingertips, Phillippe has been able to make the most of ‘play’ makeup (Madonna-inspired makeup anyone?). But her beauty risks, and trend-trialling ways have only made her more of a star (in our eyes anyway). 

But for every hit, surely there’s got to be some misses? Or at least some beauty faux pas she wishes she could take back? Thankfully we got the insights thanks to Phillippe’s recent chat with Byrdie, where she took the opportunity to share some of her peaks and pitfalls in the world of beauty – and no the dyed dos don’t fall among them…

Ava Phillippe's biggest beauty struggle

So, it turns out not even Phillipe with her good genes and top stylists can avoid the one universally hated hair struggle: waiting for your bangs to grow out. Yep, Phillippe is over her curtain bangs (even though she did love them for a time). The “eternal struggle” is real. But Phillippe is choosing to keep a positive attitude and knowing that she’ll get there in the end, and for now she’s just got to  “work on it”. 

Her one piece of advice (aside from ‘we’re all in this together’)? “Resist the urge to cut them”. We feel you girl!

The beauty products Ava Phillippe can’t live without

Because it’s not all struggle street for Phillippe (and how could it be with genetics like that?), she’s shared some of her must-have beauty products. 

There’s something about the universal experience of girlhood, where we all seem to have about seven different (and all much-loved) lip products floating around the bottom of our bags. For Phillippe, that’s the cult-classic Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm ($40 at MECCA). Because who doesn’t want a hydrated pout? Her fave shade? ‘Vanilla’. The classic sheer tone makes for the perfect layering accessory. 

As for a product that she refuses to leave the house without? Phillippe took the opportunity to prove she’s a sun-safe girlie, swearing by the non-pore clogging Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen ($48 at Supergoop). Great news to hear because the model also enjoys getting out into nature, walking her pup every morning – we’re here for a well rounded beauty and wellness routine (with sun safety kept top of mind!). 

The best beauty advice Reese Witherspoon passed down…

Now this piece of advice has once and for all solidified Reese Witherspoon as a treasure we must protect at all costs. The Southern charm isn’t lost on Witherspoon with an old Southern adage being her words to live by. ‘Pretty is as pretty does’, are her sage words of wisdom for Phillippe. Phillippe’s takeaway from the saying? “You're only as beautiful as you are on the inside and the way you treat people “. We’ll be implementing that sliver of wisdom into our daily mantras. 

Main Image Credit: @avaphillippe

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