7 ways you didn’t know you could use Avène’s Thermal Spring Water

It’s not just for your face...

Digital Beauty Editor / November 30 2020

They say that everyone is blessed with their own unique talents and abilities, sure, but it’s safe to say some people were definitely given more than their fair share. Beyoncé, for example, springs to mind – what can’t she do?

But while an outrageously impressive overachiever may often cause a pinch of jealousy when it comes to people, powerhouse status is always a win when it comes to products – mostly because it’s us who get to reap the rewards.

The thing is, though, a multitasking product that’s actually a friend to sensitive skin is a rare unicorn in the beauty world. Those with irritation-prone complexions generally have to stick to instructions to the letter or else there will be some serious repercussions in the redness department.

So, when one does come along that offers multiple uses (each one more impressive than the other), it’s extremely exciting. And while anyone with a pulse and an affinity for soothing skin care may well know of Avène’s Thermal Spring Water, we’ll bet you don’t know it like this.

Here are all the ways you didn’t know you could use this super spray… buckle up.


#1 To refresh makeup

We’re all pretty well acquainted with the dreaded 3pm mirror check-in where your face suddenly looks dull, dry, and frankly, a little dead. Well, in a truly blessed twist, you actually don’t need to cart your entire beauty bag around with you to take care of an arvo refresh – a spritz of Avène’s hydrating face spray will more than do the trick, transforming your look from drab to dewy in literal seconds. And hey, if you want to take your vibe from day to night while you’re there, a freshly spritzed canvas will also make everything easier to add to and blend. Bonus.

#2 To maximise eyeshadow pigment

Sick of splurging on shadows only to discover that they offer about 10 per cent of the pigment they do in the pan when they’re actually on your lids? So were we – until we discovered this nifty trick. Giving your eyeshadow brushes a light spritz before dusting them into your shadow works wonders. They’ll be just the right amount of damp (again, remember, keep the spritz on the less-is-more side for best results) to pick up maximum pigment and amp up the intensity of the colour you’re working with.


#3 To cool down post-workout

Cardio and inflammation get along like a house on fire, so when your skin feels the same way (AKA red hot) after exercising, treat your tired self to a generous helping of mist, all over. Spritzing your face and body as soon as you’ve wrapped up your workout will not only deliver some welcome redness relief, but also help to nix sweat before it dries and leave you feeling far more refreshed. FYI, a spritz or two never goes astray on sunburn or freshly shaved skin, either. You. Are. Welcome.

#4 To flawlessly blend foundation

While a little mist on a brush may help you to get more colour out of your eyeshadows, it’s great for doing basically the opposite in the base department. So if you’re keen on the idea of sheer-ing out your favourite foundation, you have two options: either spray the solution onto your beauty blending sponge or foundation brush to allow for a little more blendability when buffing in, or take some foundation on the back of your hand, spray directly onto it, and mix the two together to dilute the formula before applying. Glowy base club, population you.

#5 To calm skin conditions

Skin that falls into the ‘dry, red and inflamed’ category is never fun to deal with, so it’s important to have a tried-and-true strategy on your side for whenever flare-ups occur. Everything you’ve heard about Avène’s Thermal Spring Water’s soothing powers is true, though, so it’s pretty much the pinnacle when it comes to complexion-calming products. It’s awesome for reducing redness, relieving irritation and helping to soothe skin conditions spanning from eczema to psoriasis – you can chalk that up to its impressive anti-irritating properties (plus the fact that it’s got soothing benefits to boot).


#6 To de-puff eyes

Eye creams are grand, yes, but TBH sometimes our poor peepers are so puffy that even the mere thought of using our fingers to apply anything makes us wince in pain. Luckily, a spritz-style delivery method doesn’t require anything to contact the skin except the soothing solution itself – ideal. But hey, if you’re looking for a quick fix for any particularly dire ‘my eyes are super swollen and I have to be ready ASAP’ type dilemmas, give this trick a go: try saturating two cotton pads with Avène Thermal Spring Water and laying them over your closed eyes for about fifteen minutes. Trust us, it’s as effective as it is relaxing – and honestly, cucumbers wish they could de-puff this fast.

#7 To give your little ones some big relief

We may think our adult skin is fragile, but boy oh boy, do little ones have it even tougher. Case in point? Cradle cap, a common but uncomfortable form of dermatitis that babies and toddlers often experience on their scalp or in folds of their skin. Second case in point? Nappy rash, which shows up in the form of red, angry, sore patches of skin that can cause your baby some serious discomfort if not taken care of. Luckily, Avène’s Thermal Spring Water is suitable for infants, too – try misting a little onto affected areas to offer some serious soothing, softening and cooling benefits. Yep, it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Main image: @avene_au

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