Georgia Love reveals the makeup products she uses

And the bizarre beauty trick the ex-Bachelorette star swears by

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

You probably know the name Georgia Love from the most recent season of The Bachelorette, but she’s not stopping there. The reality star and journalist recently announced her ambassadorship with Aussie skin care brand, Palmer’s. We sat down with Georgia to talk about her new role working with Palmer’s and of course, the beauty products she can’t live without.

About her new role…
Palmer’s decided that they wanted to explore the idea of having an ambassador for their brand. They were only going to do it if they found someone who they really thought personified that. I said I have used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter forever; I can’t tell you how long I’ve been using it for. It’s a cult product, it’s my favourite and I’ll tell everybody and anybody that will listen. So the talk came from there.”

Her go-to products from the Palmer's…
“Nothing will ever replace the cocoa butter. But I’ve found a product that complements it, and that’s the Coconut Body Oil. I would never think to use an oil, I thought it would get on your clothes or your bed sheets or you’d have to stand up for ages while it soaks in, but it doesn’t do that at all. It’s really beautiful to use in the shower. It gives a beautiful sheen and it makes your skin so soft. I have fallen a bit in love with the coconut oil. And in terms of face care, the main product [I use] is the Skin Perfecting Ultra Hydrating Serum. I’ve been using it for a number of weeks [and it makes my skin] look supple and dewy and plump.”

On what’s in her beauty cupboard...
“My number one is a really good mascara, and my favourite is [the original] Lancôme Hypnose. I just love it. The foundation and the CC cream I use I’ve only discovered and recently converted to is Curtis Collection. I started using their products because I got my makeup professionally done for an event, which was out in the sun all day. Midnight that night it looked like my makeup had just been put on, so I contacted the makeup artist and asked ‘what did you use? Give it all to me!’ And it was all Curtis Collection.”

On her everyday makeup look…
“Mascara is a massive go-to for me because that’s all I need to do to look like I’ve done a makeup look. And a good eyebrow pencil or powder as well. I feel like if your eyebrows are done and shaped nicely it immediately makes your face look more done.”

On the products she can’t leave home without…
“I always, always have a hand lotion. I’ve got a thing - it’s probably a little bit of OCD if we’re being completely honest about it - I always have to have nice, soft and clean hands. And the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hand Lotion is my favourite. So I always have that in [my handbag]. I’ve [also] got two [lip] colours. They’re both MAC. One is Faux, it’s a really nice, natural pink. Then for a slightly more night-time version, [I use] Velvet Teddy. It’s still a really natural colour but it’s a bit deeper, a bit more brown, rather than pink. These two are in my handbag all the time, at any given day.”

On her weird beauty trick…
“One of my little secrets, which is a bit weird when people find out about it, is every single night before I go to bed I lather my lips in Bepanthen cream. Yes! The baby butt cream! I use a lip balm during the day for SPF and just to keep hydrated but my massive, odd secret is Bepanthen before I go to sleep.”

Palmer's Cocoa Butter

Lancome Hypnose Mascara

Bepanthen Nappy Rash Ointment

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