Charlotte Tilbury has quietly released Bella Hadid from her ambassador contract

A beauty break-up we did not see coming

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / February 28 2024

Charlotte Tilbury has managed to entice some of the most prolific names in the modeling industry — Kate Moss and Jourdan Dunn frequently appear in the beauty brand’s campaigns. And in February of 2023 the brand added another big gun to it's line-up of celebrity ambassadors — Bella Hadid

The announcement was teased for 24 hours; those with a keen eye could discern Hadid’s leggy silhouette and Tinkerbell nose as she posed and flipped her hair in slow motion.

Tilbury confirmed the announcement with an official statement: “Darlings, the rumours are all true, I am SO thrilled to confirm that Bella Hadid is joining Charlotte Tilbury Beauty!”. 

“Bella Hadid is a generation-defining talent at the fore-front of the cultural zeitgeist, and I am so excited to reveal our creative partnership,” she went on to say.  [She] is a modern day beauty icon  and a digitally native, digitally creative innovator — and together we will dream, create, inspire, celebrate life and excite the world.”

“Bella is just as obsessed as I am with breaking boundaries and transcending the real and virtual worlds,” Tilbury explained. “I cannot wait to share with you all the extraordinary, magical moments we have in store!”.

“Our creative connection and energy is extraordinary and exciting — it is truly a meeting of minds and souls,” Tilbury continued. “On set, Bella is utterly mesmerising — she looks so beautiful and confident from every angle, [and] she is the most incredible professional, a true creative collaborator, and she is just pure joy and fun to be around.”

According to Tilbury, Hadid was a natural choice for the makeup artist’s brand — they both share a desire to empower others.

“I love that Bella shares this belief — she is a pioneer for positive change and puts her whole heart into everything she does,” Tilbury gushed.

In a statement released by the brand, Hadid admitted to admiring Tilbury for years — “she is a true creative force and we both share a passion for empowering confidence and creating a meaningful beauty community.” 

“She is such a divine light in how she works and connects with people,” Hadid went on to say. “[Plus], I’ve always been genuinely obsessed with all of Charlotte’s innovations, they are so easy to use and have the most incredible results.” 

“Her products are forever part of my everyday makeup routine, whether I’m working or off-duty; they really are my confidence-boosting kit,” she continued. “I just love them all, it’s why I wanted to partner with Charlotte — I just can’t wait to create groundbreaking makeup magic together!”.

The announcement also came as a shock for many. Namely, because Hadid was a Dior loyalist since her appointment as a brand ambassador in 2016. 

However, according to Entertainment Tonight Hadid's Charlotte Tilbury ambassadorship has come to an unusually premature end. A source spoke to the publication and shared that the beauty brand quietly ended it's contract with the model in November of 2023, citing 'force majeure' as the reason for the sudden split. The term relates to a contractual provision "that frees both parties from obligation if an extraordinary event directly prevents one or both parties from performing," ET reported.

Hadid and Tilbury have yet to publicly address the model's rumoured departure, but considering the 27 year old spent much of last year off the grid focusing on her health, we suspect it might have been a mutual decision. 

Supplied by Charlotte Tilbury

Supplied by Charlotte Tilbury

Supplied by Charlotte Tilbury


Do you know what’s really magical? Bella Hadid’s updo — that thing is held together with witchcraft and a prayer. 

Main image credit: Supplied by Charlotte Tilbury

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