Bella Thorne’s natural acne treatment is blowing up Reddit

Bella Thorne’s Controversial DIY Acne Treatment Is Blowing Up The Internet

The Internet is angry

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 29 2019

When it comes to issues close to her heart, Bella Thorne isn’t afraid to speak out. The former Disney star has previously spoken openly about her issues with acne and why she now refuses to wear makeup (unless she’s being paid or doing press).

Recently, while demoing her nighttime skin care routine for a Harper’s Bazaar vlog, Bella again spoke candidly about her battle with acne and divulged why she personally prefers natural skin care products.

“I struggled with acne for a very, very long time – cystic acne. I was on Accutane for two years and nothing really worked for me. I went to every dermatologist and got everything done to my face that you can frankly and nothing worked… That’s why I like the all-natural route,” says Bella.

In the video, Bella also revealed that she uses a very interesting natural acne treatment that seems to copped a bit of backlash: A scrub (which she hints was created for her upcoming skin care launch), containing three natural ingredients – lemon juice, sugar and olive oil.

Hmm. Well sounds kinda tasty, right? According to Bella the scrub isn’t just edible, the combo of ingredients works to even out the skin’s texture and soften skin. When her assistant trialled the mask, she said he found it smoothed his skin noting it, “takes away the indents” from (what we assume is) acne scarring.

Delicious and effective as it may sound, the trio of natural ingredients didn’t seem to sit too well with the jury of the Internet, with many Reddit users quickly pointing out that DIY skin care products aren’t always the best idea

“For one, natural does NOT mean better. If at all, it makes things so much worse. DIYing skincare products is a no-no. You could really irritate your skin... Sugar scrubs and lemon juice - good Lord! These are so aggressive to the skin and can cause scarring,” exclaimed one Redditor by the name of Diralopes.

“Everything she did made my skin crawl. Rubbing lemon and sugar in the coconut oil! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I would break out soo bad and people will actually be following everything she does!” chimed in Redditor user Inmyskin1.


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What do you think of Bella Thorne’s natural facial scrub? Would you try it yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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