6 cordless straighteners for sleek, chic hair wherever and whenever

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Digital Beauty Editor / May 14 2024

Are cordless hair straighteners as good as regular ones?

If you’re looking for an on-the-go solution for styling your strands, then look no further than a cordless hair straightener. The ‘charge and go’ convenience is unparalleled. However it can come with some downsides. Ensuring your straightener is charged before running out the door is a major factor, with some picks taking a couple of hours to reach peak battery performance. But where there’s a downside, there are also plenty of upsides, with many featuring exactly what you already love about your corded straightener, just in a more convenient design. Plus, you can just pop your cordless pick in your handbag for throughout the day touchups. 

Main image credit: @chrisappleton1

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