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Salon treatment swaps for when you just want to DIY

Beauty Crew Editor / May 25 2017

There’s nothing quite like treating yourself to a session at the salon – whether it’s for a massage, facial, pedicure, or brow and lash tint. Sometimes, though, a trip to the professionals isn’t always feasible. 

But instead of giving up and resigning yourself to the fact that you’re going pamper-less for the foreseeable future, we’ve put together a handy list of the salon treatments you can swap for an easy, at-home solution that will make you feel like a pro. 

Your salon indulgence: Tinting your lashes

Your at-home solution: Mascara. Yes, you heard us right. And, yes we know the whole point of your lash tinting appointment is to avoid having to apply mascara every morning, but stay with us.

Rimmel London Wonder’full Volume Colourist Mascara

Rimmel London Wonder’full Volume Colourist Mascara is a little different. While it acts as a mascara that coats your lashes with a jet black formula and instantly volumises your lashes for a high-impact effect. But it also features a lash tint complex with a natural colourant, so after as little as two weeks of daily use, the formula actually gradually tints your lashes, meaning that your bare lashes will appear darker, longer and more visible from root to tip.

It’s important to know, however, that this effect holds up with continuous use of the mascara, so the non-permanent tint will wear off gradually after the last usage (just like a professional lash tint).

You salon indulgence: A pedicure

Your at-home solution: One of the best things about a professional pedi is how smooth your feet feel afterwards. Without a beautician on call, the right tools, like Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi, are essential to buff away the dead skin cells on your heels to leave them feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

Your salon indulgence: A gel manicure

Your at-home solution: Thanks to advances in the beauty industry, these days you can now use a specially-formulated polish that will give you the high-gloss shine of a gel manicure (which can last up to two weeks), and the ease of application and removal of a regular nail polish. We like Rimmel London Super Gel.

Rimmel London Super Gel

Your salon indulgence: Laser hair removal

Your at-home solution: If you want to continue on your journey of laser hair removal, you can do it at home with an at-home device (don’t worry, they’re totally safe to use). Try Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal System. At a glance it may seem more expensive than your salon laser hair removal session, but when you add up all of your appointment costs and compare it to an effective at-home hair removal tool, you’ll see how quickly it seems worth the splurge.

Your salon indulgence: A massage

Your at-home solution: If you don’t have someone around to lend their strong hands for a DIY massage, it might be worth investing in either a massage chair or small, portable massager, like HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat, that you can attach to any chair with a back.

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