It’s official – these are the best hair salons in Australia

We’re talking award-nominated colour

February 23 2021

They say finding a life partner is tricky, but honestly, we don’t know if there’s a more pressured matching process than looking for a brand new hair colourist.

Because while we know that in the grand scheme of global issues, it would probably fall into the ‘first world problems’ category, there’s really no denying that putting the fate of your hair into new hands is slightly terrifying.

Thankfully, if you’re in the market for a new salon and hairdresser, we have some bona fide options, courtesy of the L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy Awards.

To give you a bit of background, Colour Trophy is the world’s longest-running live hairdressing competition (this is its 65th year showcasing Aussie hair artists), and is considered one of the most prestigious and successful hairdressing events in the world. In short, the hairdressers who make the final cut are the cream of our country’s crop.

So, if you want your mop coloured by some of the best hairdressers in Australia, allow this list of finalists to serve as your ‘must visit’ list.

South Australia

The salon: Zo Hair

The hairdresser: Massimo Tirimacco

The salon: Zink The Element of Hair Unley

The hairdresser: Joe Cotroneo

The salon: Hair Machine Glenelg

The hairdresser: Fiona Fazzalari

Zo Hair

Zink The Element of Hair Unley

Hair Machine Glenelg

Western Australia

The salon: Circles of Subiaco

The hairdresser: Ben Semple

The salon: Hemisphere For Hair Mt Lawley

The hairdressers: Drew Boundy & Kerina Marlow


The hairdresser: Alexia Mirabile

Circles of Subiaco

Hemisphere For Hair Mt Lawley



The salon: Rokstar Salon

The hairdresser: Evie Golding

The salon: Rixon Hair

The hairdressers: Brad Rixon & Elyse Sprott

The salon: Adam & Eva

The hairdresser: Jason McAlister

Rokstar Salon

Rixon Hair

Adam & Eva

New South Wales

The salon: Alana Kristian

The hairdresser: Julia Tsujeva

The salon: Cataldo's Salon Canberra City

The hairdresser: Jessica Schofield

The salon: Sloans North Sydney

The hairdresser: Jordan Hone

Alana Kristian

Cataldo's Salon Canberra City

Sloans North Sydney


The salon: Anthony Nitson Hair

The hairdresser: Anthony Nitson & Ashlee Denaro

The salon: Xiang Hair QV

The hairdresser: Jamie Furlan & Danni Solier

The salon: Xiang Hair Essendon

The hairdresser: Tom Donato

Anthony Nitson Hair

Xiang Hair QV

Xiang Hair Essendon

UPDATE: The winners from the 2020 L'Oréal Colour Trophy Grand Final have been announced. Congratulations to Massimo Tirimaco at Zohair Salon in SA who took out first place AND the marie claire Reader's Choice Award!

His winning entry? A very on-trend blunt bob.