Get the best cheekbones of your life with a microcurrent device

The secret to snatched facial contours

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / April 10 2024

Ever looked in the mirror and wished your cheekbones or your jawline were more defined? Or maybe you want to experience a brow lift without going under the knife?

Well, let us introduce you to microcurrent devices. 

These skin care tools utilise micro electrical currents to boost circulation, tone and tighten skin, minimise the appearance of a puffy face and fine lines, and more. 

The best part is that it only takes 10 minutes day to reap the benefits of a microcurrent device routine. 

Need help figuring out which microcurrent device is the best for you? You're in good hands.

Ahead, BEAUTYcrew's recommendations in the category...

2024's Top 3 Best Microcurrent Devices

FOREO Bear, $439 (usually $549), Shaver Shop
ZIIP HALO Facial Toning Device, $675, Current Body
NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device, $364.32, Cult Beauty

from $439 (usually $549) at Shaver Shop

Boasting microcurrent, T-sonic massage and anti-shock technology, the FOREO Bear is clinically proven to help firm the 69 muscles in the face and neck and revitalise the complexion. The app-compatible device can improve wrinkles, fine lines, skin firmness and elasticity in just one to two weeks. 

Key features:

T-sonic massage technology
10 microcurrent levels
Anti-shock technology
App compatible guided treatments
90 treatments per USB charge

Available at:

ZIIP HALO Facial Toning Device
from $675 at Current Body

The ZIIP Halo uses ZIIP Dual Waveform Technology™, which utilises frequencies of nanocurrent and microcurrent to lift, sculpt and promote a glowing complexion. When you pair the device with the ZIIP app you will be guided through a four minute lifting facial ritual using a combination of electrical frequencies.

Key features:

Utilises nanocurrent and microcurrent frequencies
App compatible
Four minute lifting facial ritual

Available at:

NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device
from $364.32 at Cult Beauty

The NuFace mini is intended to make microcurrent treatment a simple task regardless of where you might find yourself. The portable, handheld device features three microcurrent intensity levels for on-the-go lifting treatments. 

Key features:

Three intensity levels
Petite and portable
Tones, lifts and contours on-the-go

Available at:

Therabody TheraFace PRO Percussive Facial Therapy
from $499 at Shaver Shop

This wonder gun combines a handful of treatment types for effective at-home facials, such as percussive massage, microcurrent, LED light therapy and cleansing technology to treat a myriad of skin concerns. Basically, it does it all.

Key features:

Percussive massage therapy
Microcurrent technology
LED light therapy
Cleansing technology

Available at:

Do dermatologists recommend microcurrent devices?

Microcurrent devices are frequently used by dermatologist and aestheticians as a means to address a myriad of skin concerns using mild electrical currents. The circulation-stimulating treatment helps to tone facial muscles, reduces sagging, puffiness and the appearance of wrinkles, and improves the overall tone and appearance of the complexion.

Main image credit: @mynuface

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