Billie Eilish's latest fashion statement melds edgy with a feminine twist

Her take on the bow trend is *chef’s kiss*

Content Producer / December 19 2023

While it’s posed as an iconic accessory for centuries, the humble bow has made its mainstream comeback this year. Traversing its way across the fashion, makeup, hair and nail realms, the knotted silhouette has become a symbol of the coquette style (a hyper feminine, playful and delicate aesthetic). And it’s proved it’s not going anywhere soon.

While we seem to be situated at the peak of the bow frenzy, “What Was I Made For” singer Billie Eilish has shared her take on the trend, presenting a unique way of incorporating the aesthetic into one’s look.

On her latest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the 22-year-old singer showcased her unique fashion sense. Staying true to her signature oversized look, she paired a baggy sweater and shirt combo with jorts. However, the highlight of her ensemble was an unexpected combination of a navy and red baseball cap and a low ponytail adorned with a pink hair ribbon. This blend of accessories might seem unconventional, but for Eilish, it was just another day of pushing the boundaries of style.

Who says you have to choose one when you can wear both? Billie tied off her low ponytail with a pink hair ribbon whilst sporting a baseball cap for the perfect mix of feminine and edge.

The combination of the masculine edge of a baseball cap with the feminine touch of a ribbon offers a fresh perspective on accessorising. 

The one question we ask: why didn’t we think of this first?! 

People are already putting bows on their bags, drink bottles and skin care, so who’s counting one extra in our hair?

For something so simple, this ‘dual hair accessory’ combo has all the coquette gals and pals running to recreate the look. Traditionally, we’ve been told ‘less is more’ when it comes to accessorising, yet, Miss Billie Eilish put this statement to shame.

Thanks to its positive reception, we can’t help but wonder; ‘what’s next’? Hats adorned with hair clips? Multiple bows? Honestly, we want it all.

But, for now, catch us all rocking this look in 2024.

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