This is the most bizarre eyebrow trick you’ll ever see

Will DIY eyebrow extensions be the new craze?

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 31 2018

In what is probably the most bizarre beauty hack we’ve seen to date, DIY eyebrow extensions are now a thing. Courtesy of Australian beauty blogger, Stephanie Lange, and her YouTube video titled ‘Cutting My Hair Off To Stick On As EYEBROWS!?’, we now know what it would be like to use tiny strands of hair to fill in sparse brows.

In the video Lange says that she came up with the unusual idea as she was frustrated with her previous failed attempts at eyebrow tattooing and other brow growth methods.

She starts by taking a small section of hair and trims the ends, before catching them in a small tray. Next she uses eyelash glue (Adrell Lash Tite Adhesive to be exact) and tweezers to glue each individual clipping of hair on top of her natural brows to make them appear fuller and thicker.

The application process is sped up in the video, so it’s not clear how long it actually took her, and because Lange doesn’t disclose how effective the bizarre method was, we’re not sure how well the DIY extensions lasted throughout the day.

Additionally, all the hair trimming that would be required to maintain this technique on a daily basis would surely give our hairdressers a heart attack, and the thought of this time-consuming process actually makes us more appreciative of our current brow-filling and thickening routine, where pencils, gels and pomades are infinitely quicker and easier to use.

Regardless, we’re pretty impressed with the finished look, as she’s definitely achieved a thicker brow that still appears natural. So whilst it might not be for everyone, Stephanie Lange, we salute you and your dedication to your brows.

To see the DIY trick for yourself, check out the video below:

Image credit: @_stephanielange_

Video credit: Stephanie Lange

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