The bizarre mistake that could be causing your breakouts

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It’s a habit you’ll want to break ASAP

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / March 03 2020

You wash your face, you drink tons of water, you change your pillowcase on the regular. Why the heck are you still breaking out? Turns out, one of your everyday habits could be to blame.

In a recent post on Reddit’s Makeup Addiction subreddit, one user revealed a bizarre (but surprisingly common) mistake that has been causing her skin to breakout. 

The redditor who goes by the name Storytella2018 wrote, “Since the weather has gotten sunnier, I’ve been struggling with acne on my cheeks, where my sunglasses rest. I’ve been cleaning them regularly, but I’ve still been getting breakouts.”

“Then, this morning, I got onto the subway and pushed the glasses up since it was suddenly dark. Then I realised - all of my hair products are getting onto the frames of the glasses and then onto my cheeks!! Argh.”

*cue lightbulb*

It’s so damn simple we can’t believe we’ve never thought of it! Placing your glasses on your head means grime from your hair (think of all those natural oils and hair products) can end up on your skin.

Storytella2018 advised, “Don’t be me. Put your sunglasses somewhere besides on top of your head. Every time.”

Storytella2018 then updated her post to admit that breaking this habit may be a little easier said than done, “Ugh. I just went to dinner and pushed my glasses on top of my head to see the menu. This is going to be a massive experiment in unlearning this bad habit.” 

The post was FLOODED with comments, praising Storytella2018 for this infinite slice of wisdom. “So THAT’S why I have a zit right where the bridge pad of my sunglasses sits. I thought it was just didn't occur to me that it was the cause...” wrote one user.

Another Reddit user wrote, “F**k. You’d think this was common sense but I’ve never even thought about it.” 

BurpeesHateMeToo wrote, “Ohhhhhhmigod. This explains why my whole face is clear except the bridge of my nose. I’m forever putting my reading glasses on top of my head!”

As it turns out, regardless of whether you put your sunnies or glasses on your head, they could still be causing you to breakout. When you wear glasses, the pressure of the frames can irritate the opening of the pores, leading to blackheads and pimples. Oil, dead skin and dirt can build up beneath the frames, staying on your skin for long periods of time and clogging the pores.

Our advice? During your normal cleansing routine, spend some extra time thoroughly cleaning the areas your glasses tend to touch (i.e. the bridge of your nose and cheeks). Washing your face is the only way to remove the bacteria your glasses leave behind. It may also be helpful to keep wipes nearby to clean your skin and frames throughout the day – make sure you pay special attention to each earpiece, the bridge and the nose pads. And for the love of god, stop putting them on top of your head!

Reddit user Kindbat also advised fellow users to carry a case, “If you carry a purse and glasses case that always works, but if you don't, you can always hang them from the neckline of your shirt!” 

Another user, Duotoned, shared this little trick: “I've been swiping witch hazel toner over the bridge of my glasses and it's helped - I was breaking out on the sides of my nose (I have plastic/acrylic frames).”

Well that solves that breakout mystery. 

If you’re breaking out in areas where your sunglasses don’t touch your face, these surprising reasons could be to blame

Do you think your sunglasses could be the reason behind your breakouts? Share with us in the comment section below.

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