‘Boyfriend blush’ is the Prince Harry-inspired trend to try

Talk about a royal flush

Content Producer / April 15 2024

TikTok has become the birthplace for many new beauty trends, from the likes of the confidence-boosting power of the black nail theory, the snooze-inducing power of the sleepy girl mocktail or even the handy power of face architecture-determining, high-low visual-weight. Just as quick as most of the trends come, they go equally as quickly. And let’s be real, if Hailey Bieber has anything to do with it, there’ll be a new blush trend right round the corner.

But the latest trend to hit our feeds has actually been around for quite some time. It's just been given a fun new moniker: ‘Boyfriend Blush’. More often found strutting the runways of high-fashion shows than slinking into the office, this editorial-endorsed blush trend is here to give your face a wash of a fresh, youthful glow. 

Professional makeup artist Mallory Osses gives us a deep dive into all things ‘boyfriend blush’. 

What is Boyfriend Blush?

Osses credits images of young Princes Harry and Will as major inspo for the blush. It’s the kind of flush that simply comes naturally, more often occurring on your boyfriend (hence the name) after a spot of physical activity. We’re talking fresh off the field (minus the dirt and sweat of course) levels of blush. 

How to apply the boyfriend blush

Focusing on the centres of your cheeks, this trend isn’t about precise contouring application (like the W blush method), but rather a simplistic, natural blended pop of rouge. Applying the blush in a more triangular shape will see your face look oh-so-lifted.

Blushes to try out the trend

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge

Revlon Illuminance Gel Serum Blush

Makeup By Mario Soft Pop Powder Blush

Like we said, no matter your face shape, you can find an application technique to make this rouge trend work for you. And the same applies to skin types. You can get the same effect no matter if you use cream, powder, or liquid blush

Osses’ blush of choice? Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in ‘Powder Pink’ ($62 at Myer). This cream blush emparts a gorgeous natural glow (perfect for the trend) all while being super simple to apply and blend. Our pick for a liquid option is the Revlon Illuminance Gel Serum Blush in ‘Enchanting Mauve’ ($27.95 at Myer), which will give a glowy, glossy (and skin-nourishing) feel to the flush. Très on trend, no? And lastly (but by no means least) a trusty powder blush pick. Makeup By Mario Soft Pop Powder Blush in ‘Desert Rose’ ($53 at Sephora) gives a hyperpigmented pop of powerful rouge the Princes themselves would envy. 

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Not so keen on the ‘boyfriend blush’ hack? Why not try this other trendy application technique instead?

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