Transform your hair this summer with the butterfly bob trend

The hottest haircut of the moment

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / September 26 2023

You know when Zendaya gets on board with a hair trend that it must have some serious legs on it. That’s precisely why just a few months after the Euphoria star appeared on the NAACP red carpet with fluttery layers cut into her beautifully blown out bob, the aptly named butterfly bob has amassed over 400,000 views on TikTok and Google searches for the term have increased globally by 93.8 per cent. 

But the butterfly cut’s popularity isn’t solely a result of Zendaya’s celebrity, according to the founder of EdwardsAndCo, Jaye Edwards. Much like the butterfly haircut (the longer layered haircut that pre-dates the shorter cut) the butterfly bob’s versatility is what makes it the perfect summer haircut for everyone

“The butterfly bob follows the same cutting technique of long and short layers as the butterfly cut, just on a shorter cut of hair,” says Edwards. “The key is to ensure the layers remain sweeping and soft.”

“A butterfly bob is a lot less structured than a typical bob,” he explains. “The layers are longer and sweeping around the face, which gives it a much softer look in comparison to a shag, for example. They’re textured, yet soft, resembling butterfly wings, adding dimension, volume and movement.”

“The butterfly bob can be accustomed to suit all hair textures, curl patterns and face shapes with the help of your hair stylist too,” he assures us. “Plus, it can help thicker, curlier and textured hair to look less bulky and chunky.” 

The style even works for those with thinner hair, but Edwards advises putting in a little extra effort when it comes to styling to help maintain that full and voluminous look synonymous with the butterfly bob. Good to know. 

How to achieve the butterfly bob haircut

If, much like the rest of the population who has access to Google’s search bar, Zendaya’s endorsement of the butterfly cut has officially piqued your interest and you’re currently curating the hair inspiration Pinterest board to end all Pinterest boards, you’ll want to hear a pro’s advice for nailing the butterfly bob (with the help of your hairdresser of course). 

According to Edwards, a butterfly bob is defined by a headful of purposefully cut layers.

He recommends asking your hairdresser to cut shorter layers around the face for a face-framing effect, and longer layers at the back to help enhance that ‘butterfly’ shape and make the hair appear thicker and fuller.

“Work with your hairstylist to customise the cut to suit your hair texture and face shape,” Edwards advises. He also recommends getting your colourist in on the action: “Popping in some highlights or a scandi hairline can really lift your face and enhance the softness of this style.” 

“Dimensional highlights are your best friend,” he says. “They will add even more texture and will bring out the depth of the layers.”

However, if you’re scared to cut your hair short and want to test the waters with something more subtle before you take the plunge with the butterfly bob, Edwards says you can always try trimming your hair and adding in a few longer layers first. “It’s a more low maintenance style that you can then build up to a shorter length,” he shares. 

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