The surprising exercise techniques behind Casey Donovan’s 36 kilo weight loss

Including sex and ‘shogging’

August 31 2020

Casey Donovan first captured our hearts as the winner of Australian Idol, before returning to reality TV to be crowned ‘Queen of the Jungle’ in I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Outta Here. It was this stint in the South African jungle that saw the singer drop an impressive 17 kilos, but Donovan wasn’t done yet. 

Returning home, she stopped eating fast food and upped her protein intake to lose a further 23 kilos. Fast forward to 2020 and the 32-year-old has maintained her newfound health, with some surprising tactics for keeping the weight off, including sex and ‘shogging’.

Speaking to
The Daily Telegraph, Donovan revealed, “In lockdown, sleep has proven easier than sex but every girl has a best friend and sex is great cardio isn't it?”

Donovan also credits a low-calorie diet and keeping her body moving, “I can now run, or I call it 'shogging' – which is between a fast walk and a slow run,' she told the publication. 

Following her initial rapid weight loss, Donovan says her weight still fluctuates but she’s found what works for her. “I have tried shakes and I've tried keto but at the end of the day you have to find something that is sustainable for your body,” she said.

“'A calorie deficit is the best thing that has worked for my body, as well as upping my protein,' Donovan added. 

And while her weight loss is incredibly impressive, we’re more pleased to see Donovan find health and happiness overall, telling 'It has taken me many years to be realistic and honest about what I need to do for my body. I am finally confident with the person I am.'