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The hydrating step we’ve all been missing…

Content Producer / May 21 2024

The product

Now that the cold weather is upon us, it’s time to shake up your skin care routines. Yep, your light moisturiser just isn’t going to cut it against the dry, blistering weather. So, if you’ve been noticing your skin seeming drier than usual, then you’ve found out about this latest launch just in time. 

By now you’ve undoubtedly picked up a few budget-friendly, dermatologist-recommended CeraVe products. So, you’ll be totally aware of their ethos that good skin care doesn’t need to be complicated. And their latest launch is here to back that theory up. 

The CeraVe Advanced Repair Balm has some similarities to other occlusive (barrier-creating) products on the market, however they knew they needed to go above and beyond to create the truly routine-changing product they envisioned. 

Not only does the petrolatum (the reparative ingredient in all this) work to create a moisture-locking barrier against your skin (whether it be face, hands or legs) they’ve also enriched the balm with a range of extra moisture-boosting ingredients. The three essential ceramides your skin needs to maintain a healthy moisture level of course found their way into the formulation, along with none other than the hydrating super-star itself hyaluronic acid. 

The luxuriously thick balm is set to last you some time with only a small amount being needed each use. But what we’re keen to use this velvety goodness for is slugging. Yep, we’ll be sealing in all the goodness from our skin care with this quick-absorbing (scentless) balm and be able to sleep soundly knowing it’s doing all the heavy-lifting for us. 

So, let’s find out what our members had to say about the handy hydrator…

The panel

BEAUTYcrew sent the CeraVe Advanced Repair Balm to a panel of young adults all hoping to see hydrating skin benefits. 

The lowdown

The moisture-boosting benefits: TBH when trialling a reparative balm our REVIEWcrew® members are looking for that extra step of hydration. And boy did they get it with this silky, velvety balm. Not only does it work to retain the moisture of any products you’ve applied beneath it, it also contains its own skin-loving benefits…

The skin-loving ingredients: Unlike many other balms known for their moisture-retention properties, the CeraVe Advanced Repair Balm actually contains its own hydrating ingredients. Yep, formulated as not only an occlusive balm it also contains the barrier-protective three essential ceramides along with an added hydrating helper of hyaluronic acid. The tube is literally packed with goodness.

The multi-use aspect: The best thing about this balm? Well, our REVIEWcrew® members have dubbed it as the Queen of multi-use products. Yep, it’s a big title but it’s ready for its crown because it knows it can bring the hydration wherever you apply it. From slugging, to your elbows and even a bub’s bottom, it can do it all. Don’t just take (all) our word(s) for it, go give it a test!

The verdict

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“I absolutely LOVE the versatility of this product! I use it as a lip balm and a moisturiser for my whole body! The texture is really thick which is great if you need something really moisturising/hydrating as the weather gets cooler!! I love to apply this at night to give my skin a hydration boost because I find my skin gets quite dry in winter, leaving my skin feeling moisturised and hydrated. I would definitely repurchase it as it's become essential for me. This has become something I recommend to all my friends and family!”
Alexandra P
REVIEWcrew® Member
“I was glad to find out that the Cerave advanced repair balm is finally available in Australia and I was lucky enough to trial it. It is a perfect handy balm, especially for the upcoming dry season. This is a thick emollient balm that can be used in various ways. I have ditched my other lip balm and have been using this non stop on my lips. My lips have never felt softer! I’ve also been using this all over my skin at night as a slugging product. My skin feels super soft the next morning. I’ve also been using this on any drier parts of my body especially on my cuticles, elbows, knees and heels. Overall it’s a great multi purpose balm and I highly recommend this!” - Fatema R
REVIEWcrew® Member
“Dry spots be gone! This balm has worked wonders for my dry skin during this change of season from summer to autumn, especially with all the winds my skin is exposed to, I've been using it on my elbows and face and loving the hydrated, supple results! Most notable effects occur when I used it morning and night onto freshly cleansed skin. Also layers really well. CeraVe really nailed this, great for those that suffer with incredibly dry skin or are a beach baby like me. Can’t wait to get my hands on a huge bottle of this stuff!”
Gemma V
REVIEWcrew® Member

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