Korea's biggest beauty trend just got even better

Garnier Charcoal Tissue Masks Are Oily Skin's New Best Friend

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Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / February 20 2018

When Korea started to really make its mark on the international beauty industry in recent years, for most of us it was a source of pure entertainment: Bubble face masks, lip gel patches, snail secretion cream... What imaginative product would they come up with next?!

But their products do more than just put the fun back into beauty. They deliver real results, too. What you may not know is that Korea has actually been at the forefront of beauty innovation for decades. Cushion compacts, essences and brow tints – we can thank Korea for these strokes of genius. And now when a new K-beauty product hits shelves, the whole world rushes to get their hands on it.

One of our favourite skin care trends to come out of Korea is the tissue mask – also known as a sheet mask. Given its flexible nature, it’s able to reach into every nook of your face (including around the nose and the contours of your lips) meaning that there’s not an inch of your face missing out on the ultra-hydrating benefits. A tissue mask also moulds and sits comfortably on your skin, even when you’re upright, so you don’t have to worry about a surprise slip-off when you’re trying to multitask your way through painting your nails and binging on Netflix (or even while curling your hair before a night out).

And while we love everything about the first generation of tissue masks, the popular K-beauty trend has gotten an upgrade that combination and oily-skinned women are going to be very pleased about. Garnier has harnessed the power of charcoal in its latest SkinActive Tissue Masks, and if you’ve done your research on the latest buzz ingredient, you’ll know it’s a dream for oily or acne-prone skin thanks to its excellent absorbing properties (great for managing shine) and ability draw out dirt, oil and impurities (bye bye clogged pores!). 

Beyond utilising the detoxifying benefits of charcoal, Garnier has done one better by combining the ingredient with a few others to create two different masks to target specific concerns. First you have the Garnier SkinActive Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask with Black Algae, which is enriched with LHA, hyaluronic acid, and – you guessed it – black algae to help purify and hydrate, fight the signs of ageing, and refine pores and skin texture. 

Garnier SkinActive Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask with Black Algae

Then, there’s the Garnier SkinActive Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask with Black Tea, which hydrates and purifies too, while the addition of black tea works to mattify and rebalance oily skin. The best thing about these masks? They’ll work to clear and refine your skin without drying it out (in fact, your skin will get an intense hit of hydration that leaves it extra glowy), and that’s certainly a trend we can get on board with.

Garnier SkinActive Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask with Black Tea

Our Review Crew® panel recently tried these tissue masks - here's what they thought.

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