The solution for wine stained lips has arrived

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And it won’t leave a bad taste is your mouth

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 30 2017

Perhaps the only downside to sitting back with a glass of red wine is its incredibly frustrating ability to stain anything and everything in sight. Whether it’s your brand new couch, favourite shirt, teeth or lips, there isn’t much that is safe from the beverage we all know and love.

While there isn’t much we can do about a clumsy friend knocking a bottle all over your expensive cream-coloured furniture, we can offer a solution to the dirty crimson stain that red wine so often leaves on your lips and teeth thanks to a genius product called Wine Wipes.

Now if you’re thinking a standard makeup wipe will suffice for removing any remnants of vino, you’re not wrong. However, Wine Wipes are all natural, and formulated with baking soda, salt, and food-grade hydrogen peroxide to remove any stains swiftly, gently and safely.

Additionally, the creators have worked with sommeliers to infuse each sheet with a subtle scent, ensuring the wipes don’t compromise the taste of the rest of your glass. Now that’s something we can drink to!

If you’re looking to get your hands on some Wine Wipes yourself, they’re available online and a 15 sheet pack will set you back $12.95.

If you’re looking to try the deep berry lip the proper way (i.e with lipstick rather than red wine!), check out our guide on how to master the bold lip look.

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