The cult beauty product these 3 A-list makeup artists swear by

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BEAUTYcrew / November 11 2020

Here at BEAUTYcrew, nothing gets the office buzzing quite like a beauty launch. Promising game-changing results—high-drama lashes, power brows, a plumper pout—new products are met with high anticipation (at least for the beauty-obsessed).
Making the leap from novelty to necessity, beauty movements must tick some serious boxes to achieve their cult-status crowning. When it comes to foundation—makeup-routine bedrock—being sworn into the beauty basics hall-of-fame is no easy feat for a makeup brand. After all, every wearer has a different skin type to cater for.

ENTER: Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk. A beauty-kit staple of some of Australia's leading makeup artists, Luminous Silk foundation allows for superb blendability and buildable coverage, without looking too heavy or masking the skin. Using new-gen Micro-fil™ technology, the base-with-benefits brightens and sculpts skin for a lit-from-within radiance that you won't need to reapply come lunchtime. Available in 18 shades, there's a match for every complexion.
We caught up with makeup artists Max May, Filomena Natoli and Katie Angus to get the industry inside on the beauty set's go-to for supercharged skin.


Responsible for the complexions of Jesinta Campbell, Jodi Anasta and Elle Ferguson, Max May's Insta-grid will provide you with beauty inspiration all year round.

Why he loves makeup:
"I love the emotion behind makeup and how I can effect an image, but mostly how I can effect a person and how they feel about themselves."

What beauty means to him:
"The essence of beauty is about enhancing the features that you love about yourself rather than trying to hide the things that you don't."

Why he loves Luminous Silk:
"My Luminous Silk Look is all about high-octane, luminous skin. It is a product in my kit that continues to deliver what I want."

Foundation tip:
"I think warming the product into the skin using the warmth of your fingers just makes the product and the skin become one. I think that's the biggest tip I can ever give anyone when they're applying their foundation."


Want to know the secret behind Lara Worthington's natural-grade glow and no-makeup makeup? Meet makeup artist, Filomena Natoli.
Why she loves her job:
"I never feel like I'm working when it's just me and the model. I love that transformation. When suddenly their skin is alive, for me that is the ultimate satisfaction."
Why she loves Luminous Silk:
"I love its flexibility. It is the most versatile and consistent product I have in my kit. It's definitely a staple. Something that is important for me is for everything to be seamless and traceless. I don't want anything to look mask-like, and Luminous Silk helps achieve that."
Her signature Luminous Silk look:
"My Luminous Silk Look is a super chic cool girl fresh faced look that anyone can achieve."
What beauty means to her:
"The secret to beauty is confidence. Don't look at someone else and think 'I want to look like that'. Be the best version of you"


Working across fashion, film and TV, Katie Angus' makeup looks always champion beautiful skin.

Why she become a makeup artist?
"I became a makeup artist 12 years ago. My dad works in television and I grew up on TV sets. I used to chat to the makeup artists and it was always what I wanted to do."

Why she loves Luminous Silk?
"It is such a staple in my kit; you can wear it by day and night, and it works for many different skin types. Look at your skin and apply it only where necessary. Too many people apply foundation too densely. If you want a completely flawless base you need to look at the best parts of your skin and aim to match that."

Her signature Luminous Silk look:
"My Luminous Silk Look that I love to create is is based on a cool yet classy look for any time that you want to feel like a star."

Her secret to beauty:
"The secret to beauty is individuality and feeling totally comfortable with your choices when it comes to hair and makeup."

Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk foundation, $99

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Main image credit: Giorgio Armani