The Ordinary's parent company DECIEM is launching a fragrance

And true to form, it's less than $30

February 25 2021

If you've ever stepped inside a DECIEM store (AKA The Abnormal Beauty Company which houses iconic brands such as The Ordinary and NIOD), you would've been welcomed by a collection of cosy fragrance notes such as Black Poivre, sequoia, fresh cedar and patchouli.

This scent was actually specifically made for the store five years ago, when DECIEM Founder, Brandon Truaxe, partnered with London-based perfumer and friend, Azzi Glasser, to create what they called 'SHOP'.

The idea was to create a unique perfume that captures the essence of DECIEM's abnormal yet welcoming space, and now, due to customer demand, the same SHOP scent has been bottled for fans to spritz in their own homes.

Abnomaly SHOP

Launching on the 24th February 2021, Abnomaly SHOP will retail for $28 AUD and be available in Australia and globally via and DECIEM stores exclusively. 

Speaking of the much-loved room spray, perfumer Glasser said: "When I composed and sculpted the formulation for Abnomaly SHOP, I knew it would need to perform well in large areas. The strength had to be at a level that permeates well into the atmosphere so it can give the emotional feeling and work its magic through diffusion in the space."

As for which room she thinks it would work best in at home, Glasser suggests either the entrance or main living space; "It has the wow factor as you walk in and leaves an aura of comfort and escapism that personifies joy."

Hot damn, we love a good scent story.

Main image: Supplied

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