Desi Perkins has officially welcomed her baby boy

We're so happy for her!

November 02 2020

Desi Perkins announced the arrival of her baby boy in a sweet post on Instagram Stories. 

The happy news comes after the beauty YouTuberwho has over 3 million subscribers on YouTubeopened up about her fertility struggles earlier this year. She and husband Steven Perkins suffered a miscarriage in 2013 (the same year Perkins started her channel) and have been trying for a baby since.

The couple became pregnant in 2020 via IVF and have been sharing their pregnancy journey in a series of diary entry videos.


The first photo shared by Perkins showed her happy smile and the adorable arm of her newborn son with the message, "MY WHOLE WORLD."

The gender of the baby boy was revealed earlier this year in an Instagram video, but the couple chose not to divulge his name until a week after his birth.

Perkins explained that she wanted to enjoy the early days with her son and not open herself up to criticism about his name or the way he looks while navigating motherhood.

But now, an official announcement and accompanying photo have been released via social media, with Perkin's writing: "Our angel Ocean Perkins. Born 10.20.20, 8 pounds 6 ounces, 21 inches. My heart is so full." 

@desiperkins / photo by @patty.othon

While they remained tight-lipped about the name 'Ocean' throughout the entire pregnancy, Perkins had been keeping her 4 million Instagram followers updated every other step of the way, even sharing a video from her hospital bed just before her baby's arrival.

The 33-year-old was tearful, explaining that she was feeling emotional after being in pre-labour contractions for the last two and a half days. "And now today is finally the day! I'm crying because I'm so emotional, I'm so excited."

Congratulations to the happy couple and their family.

Main image credit: @desiperkins

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