“Draping” is the latest beauty trend

Move over strobing and contouring

Contributor / May 25 2017

When the Kardashians famously made contouring a thing (even though it’s been around for centuries!) everyone was dramatically trying to sculpt and contour their face. Then we all got a little over the heavy made-up look and leaned towards strobing, a lighter makeup method focusing on light reflecting highlighters to sculpt (think “Gigi Hadid” glow). But now it seems we’re getting back to our roots, with draping.

Basically, draping is focused on sculpting your face using blushes to give a nice, natural contour. You essentially ‘drape’ your complexion with different tones of blush for a soft defined look. This is opposed to contouring where you define your features with a heavier dark product.

But by no means is this a new makeup trend to hit the market. Back in the 60’s and 70’s iconic makeup artist Way Bandy would mix different makeup products together to create a perfect natural-looking colour. His innovative technique was made famous by his impressive clientele including Cher, Farrah Fawcett, and Diana Ross.

In honour of his good pal Bandy (who sadly passed away in 1986 due to AIDs complications) Marc Jacobs has completely revived this awesome 70’s trend, and is making sure Bandy gets the credit he deserves.

Marc Jacobs will be releasing an Air Blush Soft Glow Duo, a blush compact that has two complementary colours. Jacob’s explained on his Instagram that when using the new product, “concentrate on the lighter, deeper, or middle section of the #AirBlush palette for the colour you desire. Blend together for a perfect flush. Highlight with the lighter shade of the palette, contour with the deeper shade.”

Jacobs’s wants people to embrace the style Bandy created, and change the way we use blush.

“[Way Bandy] embraced the concept of 'colour glow' as a way of bringing out the natural 'drape' of the face," he explained.

The key to making sure draping looks updated is to focus on blending; using the dark shade of the compact to sculpt, and then buff out with the lighter hue.

This helpful sketch was also posted on the marcbeauty Instagram account, demonstrating how to nail the balancing glow look. Gilbert Soliz, Global Makeup Artist for Marc Jacobs Beauty explained, “Blend the two shades and sweep just below the cheekbones to contour and define the cheekbones. Drape the high of the cheekbones to gradate colour. Wrap from eye to temple in a half moon shape for added drama. Drape the tip of the chin and sweep along the centre of the neck and décolletage to ensure overall balance.”

The Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Air Blush Soft Glow Duo will launching in Sephora Australia later this year.

Images: Getty and Marcbeauty Instagram

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