Podcast: Elyse Knowles on her skin issues, staying fit & saving the world

Plus: When to bin your beauty products & the fragrances everyone will love

Editor / September 15 2019

October InStyle Magazine Australia covergirl, model and beauty ambassador (she’s the face of Myer and Aveda!) Elyse Knowles takes a very good picture. But sometimes what goes on behind the scenes tells a different story. In this episode of Get Lippy, the blonde bombshell talks about her struggles with keeping her skin in check and why she thinks it’s so important to share that with people (especially younger girls) through her social media. 

We also talk about when it’s time to throw out your beauty products (yes, three years is far too long to be using the same foundation!) and the no-brainer fragrances you could gift ANYONE and be guaranteed a happy camper. 

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