Elyse Taylor shares her beauty secrets

The Australian model’s top tips and favourite products

Who Contributor / May 25 2017

Do you do homemade treatments?

I’ll do a sea salt and coconut butter scrub if I’m feeling dry. That’s as DIY as I get.

So no DIY haircuts?

Yeah, no (laughs). I learnt not to do that in primary school. Some failed fringes

Your eating ethos?

I’m on a blood type diet. After having a baby my body changed, and my body is my work, so unfortunately I have to work out all the time. I just try to incorporate a healthy lifestyle.

In your beauty bag?

Nude By Nature’s Natural Mineral Veil, which is good when you get shiny. Also, papaw ointment and a Dr Corbis scrub.

Your signature scent?

It’s discontinued! It was the brown Bulgari Omnia and I still find it online.

Beauty muse?

Actress-model Carolyn Murphy. She’s amazing.

Who does your delectable hair colour?

Jenna Perry at Ion in New York. It’s easier to find a good blonde in Sydney as it’s in the culture - that surfie blonde.

"For hardcore facial extraction, I see Christine Chin, or if I need a massage and spa experience, I see Georgia Louise.”


Has your beauty routine changed much with motherhood?

One hundred per cent! It’s shorter. I don’t wear much makeup if I’m not working to let my skin breathe, but if I do I like to keep it minimal.

Nude By Nature Mineral Bronzer

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Crystal Clear Hairspray

Bulgari Aqva Divinia L’Eau de Parfum

Before contributing to BEAUTYcrew, Danielle worked on the print pages for WHO magazine.