This Espressoh Glassy Blush dupe is less than $11 at Priceline right now

Um, what?

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / March 31 2023

Were you mesmerised by Espressoh’s Glassy Blush when it landed in Australia?

When we tried Espressoh for the first time we coined it the “perfect ‘you-hued’ blush colour”. 

The pH-sensitive formula was technically not the first of its kind (who remembers the Youthforia BYO Blush?), but its glass-like finish and gel texture cemented its place in our summer makeup collections, and earned us a handful of compliments too. 

However, if like us, you’ve followed the trajectory of this popular pick, then you know that it’s rarely in stock and a small glass jar of the stuff retails for $40 — honestly, not ideal. 

We’ve been on the hunt for something that provides the same model off-duty glow as Espressoh Glassy Blush By The Glass ($40 at Sephora) for a while now, and we think we’ve finally found it.

Espressoh Glassy Blush By The Glass

Espressoh Glassy Blush By The Glass dupe

1/ Australis Blush Glaze Pink Pop 

Texturally, Australis Blush Glaze Pink Pop (was $16.99, now $10.19 at Priceline) is a perfect dupe for Espressoh’s Glassy Blush. Not quite a cream blush, not quite a liquid blush, it boasts the same gel texture of its exxier cousin, which allows it to melt into skin and meld effortlessly with the rest of your makeup. 

In our professional opinion, you’d be hard-pressed to discern the pricier pick between the pair. Given that these blushes both utilise pH-reactive formulas to provide a wash of colour unique to the wearer's skin, the vibrancy of the blush is going to differ from person to person. So, if you’re after a bold pop of colour these are probably not the blushes for you — sheer, natural rouged cheeks are the goal here. 

We’re embracing recession core and stocking up on all the affordable beauty buys we can get our hands on — like these drugstore makeup dupes.

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