Product of the week: Hermes Galop d’Hermes

The new must-have fragrance you have to have

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 25 2017

What it is: Hermes Galop d’Hermes

Why you need it: It’s sexy, it’s smoky, and it’s incredibly alluring. The newest fragrance from Hermes covers off floral and fruity notes, but the star of the show is most certainly the addition of leather, which comes to fruition once the others settle in a matter of minutes. And even if you decide not to wear the beautiful scent on a daily basis, it serves as a beautiful accessory atop your dresser or work desk, as the juice is captured in a metal and glass bottle representative of a stirrup.

What you need to know: A whiff of the scent from the bottle will reveal the top notes of quince and saffron, and upon the first spritz you can instantly notice it transform with additions of osmanthus (a flowering plant that lends nicely to fruity and leathery scents) and Turkish rose. After a few minutes these top layers fade and reveal a sensual and welcoming layer of leather and white musk. Those that are new to oriental fragrances will love its medium sillage, which is noticeable but not at all overpowering when worn. In all, it’s a nice take on traditional leather scents, but with a feminine twist that’s not too sweet.

How to use it: Hold it approximately 20cm away from your body, and aim the nozzle at your pulse points (such as your neck and wrists).

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