The expert edit: 7 confidence-boosting scents for an instant uplift

Smell good, feel powerful

Editor / May 08 2023

There are many reasons why we love beauty and the power it has to up our confidence is one of them. Whether it’s a good hair day, a hydrated skin glow, or a mascara that makes you feel fearless, any step that offers self-assurance can call us a fan.

And it’s not just a load of BS, either. Perfume, for example, has actually been proven to alter our moods. Certain notes have the ability to energise, de-stress and focus our minds. So whether you’re heading on a date or for a job interview, you can calm those nerves and feel empowered after a spritz or two.

Just ask our panel of experts, who here reveal the very scents that make them feel fearless.

Neha Prasad, Content Creator


YSL Black Opium EDP

“YSL Black Opium is easily one of the most confidence-boosting scents I own. The scent profiles are fresh and feminine with notes of coffee. I love it because these unique notes make me feel glamorous and delicate but also bold and empowered! Also, it’s the perfect perfume to transition from day to night.” 

$110 at Myer

Diandra Malivindi, Beauty Writer at ELLE Australia and marie claire Australia


diptyque Philosykos EDT

“Amongst my loved ones, I’m definitely the most fussy when it comes to fragrances. The Goldilocks of the perfume aisle, if you will. It has to be just right, nothing too woody, but not too sweet — one that smells like me. Then, I got my hands on a small vial of diptyque’s Philosykos and my confidence was never the same. With notes of fig, coriander, blackcurrant, cedar and benzoin, it’s sweetly seductive and I can’t help but feel a little pep in my step when I’ve spritzed this all over.”

$238 at MECCA

Delaney Loane, BEAUTYcrew’s Beauty Editor


Tom Ford F Fabulous EDP

“I’m a standard fruity-floral girl day to day, so I pull in the perfume big guns whenever I need an extra point in the confidence column. Think job interviews, big events, and if I ever need to work up the courage to make an in-store return. Something about this amber, almond and leather-laced creamy concoction makes me take myself a bit more seriously (in the hope that others will too). It sits on my entry table year-round but only gets a spritz when I need to exit feeling, well, f*cking fabulous. It’s a hype song in fragrance form.”

$335 at Myer

Clayton Ilolahia, Evaluation and Communications Manager, Fragrances of the World


Kenzo Homme EDT Intense

“While individual ingredients are genderless, there is a syntax in perfumery that conveys an ideal of masculinity. Marine notes communicate a sense of cleanliness, spices convey vigour, and woods feel steadfast. Sounds like the perfect man. Perfumery isn’t immune to cliches, and I’ve always admired Kenzo’s alternative to chest-beating men’s fragrances. Kenzo Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Intense speaks to a modern man. Serene notes of coastal salt air pair with pink pepper and delicate fig wood. The curved bamboo-inspired bottle is a reminder that men can demonstrate strength whilst still showing flexibility. I always feel confident when I wear this.”

$123 at Myer

Briar Clark, BEAUTYcrew’s Content Producer

Ermenegildo Zegna Florentine Iris


“When I fall in love with a fragrance I have a tendency to be a little heavy-handed and run through a bottle in a mere few months. I can’t do that with this cologne, and it’s received a coveted position in my perfume collection for years as a result. Florentine Iris has an undeniable depth and a polished luxury that’s difficult to define. The combination of woods, musk, jasmine, violet and iris are decadent, rich, and sophisticated. Designed to be worn in the evening, I sparingly spritz on my bare skin and through my hair when I want to make a statement.”

$305 at Zegna

Aja Walter, Editor at BEAUTYDIRECTORY

BYREDO Bal D'Afrique EDP


“As one of BYREDO founder Ben Gorham’s earliest creations, Bal D'Afrique EDP was inspired by his obsession with translating memories into scent, with a focus on beauty and fantasy. It’s that whimsical element he’s tied to it, with notes of African marigold, bergamot, jasmine and black amber, that leaves me wanting more with every sniff. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s unisex in nature, but I instantly feel like a chicer, more confident version of myself. And, if that’s not the telling of a powerful fragrance, I don’t know what is.”

$240 at MECCA

Samantha McMeekin, BEAUTYcrew’s Editor



“My confidence skyrockets whenever someone tells me I smell good or asks what scent I’m wearing, and both of these are common occurrences when I wear this fragrance. Some say it’s a dupe for Santal 33 but I think it’s better. It has bergamot and is more floral too, which adds freshness and femininity to the spice. It’s just beautifully balanced and knowing that everyone in the room is probably wondering who smells so good is great for morale.”

$159 at The Iconic

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