Skin care specifically made for flying just became a thing

Skin Care Specifically For Flying Just Became A Thing

Jetsetters, listen up

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / November 29 2019

As much as we all love travelling, air travel, especially long-haul flights, comes with one huge drawback: Dehydrated (and sometimes congested) skin thanks to the dry, recycled air present in the plane’s cabin. Ick.

But, post-flight skin is set to be a thing of the past thanks to a clever new range that’s been launched by the same man behind cult Aussie skin care brands BLAQ and Generation Clay. 

Newly-launched Flight Mode Skincare features a range of products specifically designed to address the needs of skin during travel.

Flight Mode Moisture Cloud Face Cream

Flight Mode Cloud Mister

In our exclusive interview, the brand’s founder Ryan Channing explained why he developed the range:

“My business partner and I noticed there have been many curated products that work well in the sky, but the category for a dedicated brand for this purpose was non-existent. That’s when I had that lightbulb moment! I knew I wanted to create a range for consumers’ convenience which focused on formulations of the most effective and safest ingredients to create maximum results.”

The line utilises a number of cutting-edge ingredients to aid hydration both inflight and on the ground including hyaluronic acid, mountain arnica and nettle. It also includes one very intriguing facial misting device.

“The Nano Cloud Mister is definitely the star product from the range -  it’s a game-changer! It’s a portable humidifier that works best when you’re sitting in your long-haul flight to deeply hydrate, soothe the skin,” said Ryan.

If you’re looking for more tips for flying, check out these wellness tips to abide by.

Have you tried anything from the Flight Mode range yet? Let us know in the comments.

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