Tried and tested: Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask

Garnier Hydra Bomb Mask

Can it really hydrate skin in just fifteen minutes?

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / June 06 2017

Some people gain pleasure out of healthy eating or exercising rigorously, but nothing gets me more excited than healthy skin. Just like working out, being serious about your skin care routine can reap huge rewards, and is seriously obtainable.

And now that the cooler weather has set up shop for real, I know how important it is to dial up the hydration factor to nourish and save skin from looking too wind-chapped. The solution? A clever face mask that can be used in the comfort of your own home. A stroll through your local pharmacy, grocery store or online shopping destination will reveal one thing - the market sure isn’t short on face mask varieties. There’s everything from the classic sheet, cream and clay masks, right through to newer innovations found in hydrogel, charcoal, foil and sleeping masks that promise to address fine lines, brighten the complexion and smooth the surface… and that’s just the beginning

One product that’s recently caught our eye in the Beauty Crew office is a tissue mask; specifically, Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Masks which come in three variants. The Garnier Hydra Bomb Ultra Hydrating Rejuvenating Tissue Mask contains pomegranate extract and is great for normal to dehydrated skin; the Garnier Hydra Bomb Ultra Hydrating Rebalancing Tissue Mask calls upon green tea extract and is designed for normal to combination skin; and the Garnier Hydra Bomb Ultra Hydrating Soothing Tissue Mask is formulated with chamomile extract to soothe dry or sensitive skin. That’s all in addition to the hero ingredient of these face masks - hyaluronic acid - which boasts incredible moisturising properties.

I decided to try the Garnier Hydra Bomb Ultra Hydrating Rejuvenating Tissue Mask one night, and here’s what I thought:

Garnier Hydra Bomb Ultra Hydrating Rejuvenating Tissue Mask

#1 / It was easy to use

The tissue masks are packaged in single-serve sachets, and nothing beats the satisfaction of ripping a package open to reveal the product inside. I popped the mask straight on my skin and used my fingers to carefully remove a layer from the mask (i.e the back of the mask that stops it from sticking together). Then, it took about 30 seconds of adjusting the holes over my eyes, nose and mouth before I was happy with how the face mask fitted, but I didn’t think this was a huge issue. After all, not everyone in the world has the same facial proportions. What I also loved was how much solution there was left in the packet, and this went straight onto the backs of my hands, which is an area where signs of ageing show.

#2 / It felt nice on my skin

While the face mask did feel cool and comforting on my skin, I was actually most impressed by its gravity-defying powers. The secret lies within its composition of 100 per cent natural cellulose fibre, which means they’re a lot thinner than cloth masks and therefore stay on your face even when you’re upright. I only had to leave the face mask on for 15 minutes to get the most out of the product, which was the perfect amount of time to simultaneously pop on a hair mask. Talk about multi-masking.

#3 / It made my skin look great

Before I knew it, my 15 minutes were up and it was time to remove the face mask. I looked in the mirror and just like a big drink of water, my skin looked hydrated and plump after using the tissue mask. And I wasn’t surprised in the slightest - I’d spotted the likes of pomegranate extract, hyaluronic acid and plant serums in its ingredients list, which made me feel like I was in safe hands.

The final verdict

My skin looked glowy and healthy straight after using the mask and also the morning after, so I’m one happy lady. The tissue mask really is packed with skin-loving ingredients, but it’s not the only reason that you should give it a go at home. What also deserves a mention is its affordable price tag. At $4.95 it’s an absolute steal, and something that you should stock up on at home to do once a week.


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Main image photograhy: Sevak Babakhani

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