The multitasking product that oily skin types will relish

Our Review Crew® put this cleanser, scrub and mask in one to the test

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / February 05 2018

The product

If you’re anything like us, space is limited in your shower (too many products, not enough room!). So when one product claims to take the place of your face wash, scrub and mask in one (and at a price you’d expect to pay for just one of these products), it’s hard not to be intrigued. Containing a cocktail of sebum-controlling ingredients such as white clay, eucalyptus extract, zinc derivatives and salicylic acid, Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active 3 in 1 offers a three-in-one solution for removing excess oil and clearing impurities from the complexion.

The panel

Beauty Crew sent Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active 3 in 1 to a panel of women aged 18 to 30 with oily to combination skin that is prone to impurities, visible pores and shine. 

The lowdown

Here's what the Review Crew® loved about Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active 3 in 1 after trialling the wash, scrub and mask in one:

How effective it was at controlling an oily T-zone: While plenty of reviewers were happy with its overall ability to decongest skin and help clear imperfections, many sang praise in particular for how well it helped control oil on their T-zones.

How affordable it was: At just $10.95, it was no surprise that reviewers were pleased with how budget-friendly this product was, especially when it delivered such great skin-clearing results for their oily to combination skin.

How versatile it was: Some reviewers loved this product as just a mask, others as just an exfoliant, and then there were those who loved its multipurpose use as a cleanser, scrub and mask. A handful of reviewers also commented on how their husbands/boyfriends were also fans!

Good to know: A number of Review Crew® members noted that they found the formula too harsh for everyday use, but were pleased with the results when they used it just two to three times a week.

The verdict

"I absolutely love this product! I like to use it as a scrub and also as a mask. It has been great on my sensitive skin and I have even used it on my chest and arms to get rid of imperfections! My partner loves it too, he has been stealing it off me because he loves it so much."
Review Crew® member
"I'm so surprised by how good this product is! I have been using it as a cleanser and scrub for the last few weeks and it always leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed! I have really oily skin and found this to be really effective in mattifying my skin and reducing shininess of my T-zone throughout the day. "
Review Crew® member
"The Garnier Pure Active 3-in-1 was amazing! I used this product as a mask between 2-3 times a week. I saw a huge change in my skin, my skin felt smoother and a lot more radiant after the trial. The most significant change my skin experienced was the decrease in the number of blackheads that were visible on my nose, as well as the reduction of my pore size on my nose."
Review Crew® member

The products for this Review Crew® trial have been provided by Garnier to Pacific Magazines’ BEAUTYcrew for the purpose of trial and review by BEAUTYcrew members.

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*This average star rating is based on 105 reviews and is correct as of 02/02/2018

Erin Docherty is a Beauty Writer for BEAUTYcrew, Beauty Editor for Women's Health magazine and a Grooming Writer for Men's Health magazine. She has a keen interest in cosmeceutical skin care and is currently working on minimising her 9-step skin care routine – because ain’t nobody got time for that. When she’s not writing about the latest beauty news, or applying copious amounts of serum, you can find her spending all her money in Sephora.