Georgia Love gave us a peak inside her Coachella beauty kit

Georgia Love shares her Coachella makeup

Look fresh and festival-ready, even if you’ve been roughing it in a tent

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 30 2018

While Coachella 2018 may already seem like a lifetime ago, we’re still over here fangirling over Georgia Love’s beauty looks – literally everything was on point. The hair! The sparkles! The headpieces! She had us stalking her Insta HEAVILY.

And with Splendour In The Grass just around the corner, we’re ready to copy her *everything*. The good news? It’ll be a cinch because she recently dished out the staples she kept in her Coachella beauty bag.

In a throwback snap on Instagram, the Bachelorette star shared a shot of one of her AH-MAZING looks, along with a breakdown of some of her key festival beauty products. Rule number one? Finding a good desert-friendly foundation in order to beat the heat and a sweaty complexion.

“Throwing back this Thursday to my Coachella makeup I had so many questions about what I used as it legit looked this fresh after 12 hours a day of dancing, dust and sweat! (sexy, right?!),” she wrote.

“It was of course my very fav @curtiscollection matte mineral foundation. Genuinely the only foundation I’ve used that doesn’t budge but also doesn’t look or feel cakey.” 

And it looks like there’s more reason than one why the Curtis Collection Matte Mineral Foundation should be on your festival packing list. Not only will it stay on your face without making your skin look gross (bonus: it also contains a heap of skin-loving vitamins and antioxidants), but the packaging is also oh-so-portable. It comes in a handy little squeezy tube, which means it won’t smash or leak in your rucksack or handbag. Win!

And what about those shiny, luscious locks cascading over her shoulders? We hear you ask. While we could have sworn it was her real hair, Georgia credited Emily Hadrill clip-in extensions for those voluminous, bouncy locks. And of course, she also proved that no festival look is complete without a headpiece.

She wrote, “And while I’m at it, my locks this day were my new @emillyhadrill clip in extensions and this gorgeous flower garland (which also had flashing lights!!) was custom made by @peachpopstore. Repping all the Aussie brands over in the US and proud of it!”

Grab your wallet, we’re going shopping.

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What do you think of Georgia Love’s Coachella beauty looks? Let us know in the comment section below.

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