This is what Gigi Hadid smells like

A perfume layering pro

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / March 27 2023

We officially knew our obsession with beauty had gone one step too far when we started Googling the exact perfumes celebrities wear

But as it turns out, we’re not the only ones with an unhealthy predilection for fine fragrances. 

Celebrity makeup artist Erin Parsons is just as interested as we are in hunting down a celebrity's secret scent combinations. So much so in fact, that when Gigi Hadid was in her makeup chair she just had to ask her what perfume she was wearing. 

“I was working with Gigi Hadid recently and she smelled so good I had to know what fragrance she was wearing [and] she told me, she layers two,” explained Parsons via her TikTok channel.

“I’ve known Gigi for years, she always smells good, it’s always a fresh, light fragrance,” she went on to say. “But this particular day it really stood out to me, especially when I got close to her. It was more of a skin scent.” 

Hadid told Parsons that she likes to layer two fragrances to create her personal scent. 

The first — Burberry My Burberry Black ($174 at David Jones) — Parsons described as smelling “like you’ve just washed your hair… a little bit floral, a little bit spicy, but a green, fresh fragrance, and I really like this on its own.” 

Burberry My Burberry Black

The second perfume — Lily Aldridge’s Haven (approx. $75 AUD) — “is the star” according to Parsons, “[but] this one unfortunately is discontinued.” And she admitted she actually had to reach out to Aldridge personally just to get a bottle. 

Lily Aldridge Parfums Haven

“I asked her why it was discontinued and she said it was because of COVID, because of supplies,” explained Parsons. 

But after promising away her bottle to Gigi Hadid, Parsons is openly campaigning for the return of the fragrance. “Now that I’m giving this bottle away — and by the way I’ve made a little bit of a dent in it sorry G — I need to have one of these for myself.”

“I thought maybe if I did this video, Lily will relaunch the fragrance,” she explained.

“[It’s] a floral masterpiece…this fragrance is like poetry,” she gushed. “It’s floral, it’s fresh, it’s green, but it’s a little fruity, you literally feel like you’re walking into a garden of roses and oranges. It’s so good.” 

“Personally I would even wear this on its own because I’m a floral fanatic,” Parsons admitted. “It’s romantic, it’s so beautiful." 

“But the combination of the two? It’s fresh and floral and green and a little spicy,” she continued. “It is such a beautiful layering combination, [and] that’s what Gigi smells like.”

@erinparsonsmakeup This is what #gigihadid smells like! The most amazing layering combo - My Burberry Black and Lily Aldridge Haven #perfume . #fragrance #perfumetiktok #fragrancetiktok #perfumereview #fragrancereview #lilyaldridge ♬ original sound - Erin Parsons

Lily Aldridge Parfums Haven dupes

If you’re just as peeved as Parsons that Lily Aldridge Parfums Haven has been discontinued, we’ve hunted down a few believable dupes to tide you over.

1/ Philosophy Amazing Grace Ballet Rose ($34.99 at Chemist Warehouse)

Looking at Philosophy’s Amazing Grace Ballet Rose and Haven’s fragrance notes side by side, it’s immediately clear that there are similarities between the two perfumes. A fruity top note of litchi, a floral heart of rose and peony, and seductive base notes of musk and woods are present in both scents. Philosophy’s affordable price point also makes the idea of liberally layering it with other fragrances in our collection (just like Hadid) all the more attractive. 

Philosophy Amazing Grace Ballet Rose

2/ CHLOÉ NOMADE ($106 at Adore Beauty)

Nomade’s fragrance notes are similarly familiar; the scent of litchi, citrus, freesia, and rose notes are all present in Aldridge’s Haven. But notes of mirabelle, davanna and oakmoss lend a syrupy sweet and earthy tone to Chloe’s offering that isn’t evident in Haven. 


Gigi Hadid isn’t the only member of her friendship group who loves to layer multiple perfumes. Kacey Musgraves’ fragrance collection features a scent for every mood.

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