Patrick Ta just confirmed that Gigi Hadid’s skin is just as perfect as we think it is

Gigi Hadid wore no foundation and still looks perfect

We have no words

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / June 22 2018

Can we please discuss Patrick Ta’s latest post of Gigi Hadid? Like, come on! While the life of a supermodel (ahem travel, shoots and never-ending events) would wreck havoc on anyone’s skin, apparently this doesn’t apply to Gigi.

Ta recently shared a snap of the supermodel looking radiant and flawless, as always, but dropped in a small detail that she actually isn’t wearing any foundation at all. Yep. None. Zero. Zilch. How? We DON’T KNOW because her skin looks freakin’ UNREAL.

Consider us and our flare-ups extremely jealous.

Ta wrote, “I Still Can’t Believe There Is No Foundation. Have You Guys Tried This? Just Concealer To Highlight And @maybelline Contour Stick To Add Depth. @gigihadid The Other Night In NYC Thank You For Always Challenging Me. Def Invest In Great Skin Care...On Myself I Really Love @lamer

Not only are we finding it hard to believe that she’s actually not wearing any foundation, but also that Ta said used concealer to highlight? Interesting! And it obviously works wonders because that dewy, uber-highlighted finish is actual goals.

One of Ta’s followers wrote, “OMG no foundation on @gigihadid. Definitely going to try this technique on me @patrickta.” 

Others were a little more skeptical of trying the no-foundation look, suggesting that having Gigi’s skin to start off with would be very helpful. “If I tried that I would look like an ogre on my best day…she is goals,” wrote one person. “I mean first I need that skin,” added another follower.

While we’re big fans of nifty little tricks that’ll cut down some steps in our makeup routine, we can’t help but think that some of us mortals may need a little more than a slick of concealer and a bit of contouring for fresh, glowing skin.

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What do you think of Patrick Ta’s concealer technique? Would you try it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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