These quirky hair ties are trending on a whole new level

Spiral hair ties are trending

And they’re actually WAY better for your hair

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / July 20 2018

Have you seen people getting around with those funky-looking spiral hair ties of late? You know, the ones that kind of look like a mini Slinky/telephone cord? Well, it turns out they’re actually becoming a pretty big deal.

While these peculiar-looking hair ties have been around for quite some time, their popularity has gone next-level and they’re becoming quite the trend. According to Pinterest, saves for spiral hair ties have skyrocketed by 80 per cent in Australia over the past year. And for good reason – they’re really good for your hair! 

While you may be skeptical as to why you would need to switch from your standard hair tie to something that looks so gimmicky, hear us out. They’re completely snag-free, meaning no pulling on those precious strands, and no tension-inducing headaches after wearing your hair up. This is all because the neat little coil design locks your ponytail or bun in place, without leaving it in a too-tight and permanently-stretched position. This means NO breakage and NO hair damage. Win! 

They’re also way less annoying than normal hair ties. You know when you’re trying to tie that hair tie around your hair onemore time and then it snaps or stretches beyond belief? Well, these guys don’t do that. You can wrap them around your hair ALL of the times without fearing the dreaded snap. They’re made from fancy shmancy expandable material that shrinks back into place the moment you take it out. Genius.

And for those of you who like to pack in workouts and going-out plans back-to-back (you crazy kids), they’re also completely crease-free. We think we can all agree that nothing sucks more than letting your hair down only to find that annoying kink right in the middle.

Soooo, we’re definitely sold! If you’re keen to try these bad boys out, there are quite a few options floating around. Our picks? Kitsch Hair Coils, Invisibobble Original and Lady Jayne Spiral Hair Elastic.

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