6 healthy ways to make your breakfast work harder

You’ll feel fuller for longer

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / October 28 2016

Now that daylight savings is in full swing, you may be opting to exercise in the morning before work when the sun is already up. That’s usually followed by breakfast, depending on how much time you have to get out the door before you risk running late. However, there’s nothing more unsatisfying than having breakfast early in the morning, only to get to work and have sugar and snack cravings hit by 10.30am. To help you feel full for longer, we asked Nutritional Medicine Practitioner Fiona Tuck for her tips on getting the most out of your morning meal.


Skip the skim

Love splashing skim milk over your cereal? It may not be the best option in the morning. “Skimmed milk is the most highly processed and lacks the fat soluble vitamins that full fat milk contains. Choose whole full fat milk as this contains more nutrients and the fat will keep you fuller for longer, which will prevent mid-morning snacking.”


Add vegetables

Mixed berries works perfectly in a smoothie, but you can make this breakfast beverage work even harder. “Try mixing vegetables such as a handful of fresh spinach with sweet fruits like bananas or mangos to avoid a sugar overload,” says Tuck. “Also add protein like a powder or with milk and yoghurt to keep you feeling fuller for longer and sustain energy levels for the entire morning.”


Swap sausages for salmon

Some mornings you may only require a single serve of eggs for breakfast, but on others, you may need an extra dose of protein to keep you going for longer. Instead of bacon or sausages, try a small piece of salmon in the morning for a serve of extra protein with eggs, if you need it. “Bacon and sausages can be high in saturated fats, trans fats (the bad one), and preservatives. Eating them daily is not recommended but are fine as a weekly breakfast meal. It’s all about moderation.” If you prefer to go meat-free in the morning, cottage cheese or goats’ cheese taste great with avocado on toast.


Go natural

A dollop of yoghurt works well with muesli and fruit in the morning, however, the right brand and product will keep you satiated all morning. “Full fat, unprocessed natural yogurt is the best choice. Natural yoghurt is minimally processed so does not contain artificial flavours, colours or sugars, and the fat content is important as it provides satiety and added fat soluble nutrients. Do check the label for added sugar however as some companies do sneak in extra sugar.”


Have whole grains

Nutri-Grain may taste delicious, but there are other options on the market that are much better for your health. “The most important thing is to check the ingredients on your cereal box as many cereals are loaded with sugar. Choose whole grains such as oats, quinoa and buckwheat as a nutritious start to the day.” If you’re more a fan of bread for breakfast, look out for bread options that will fill you up properly. “Choose a dense bread such as wholegrain, buckwheat or rye,” says Tuck. “This will keep you fuller for longer and contains high quality nutrients. Refined white breads contain less nutrients and will cause more fluctuations in blood sugar levels leading to mid-morning sugar cravings.”


Add variety

You may reach for the same breakfast every morning out of habit, but Tuck suggests introducing some other options. “Avoid eating the same breakfast every day as this could lead to potential nutrient deficiencies because you may not be getting enough variety in our diet.”

Now that you know how to make a healthy breakfast, follow these tips to boost awareness in the morning

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